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Talent: DEX CARD
Station: WLS Chicago
Date: April 16, 1967
Time: 43:21 (unscoped)
20:24 (scoped)

WLS had a "Card Party" every afternoon during the mid-'60s.

Dex Card - whose WLS show was naturally called the "Card Party" - replaced Bob Hale in WLS's 2-6 p.m. shift in May 1964. Card, who as a youngster used to practice being a DJ by using a hair brush as a microphone, started in radio in Portland, Maine, when a fellow announcer failed to show up for a shift. He was later drafted into the U.S. military during the Korean conflict. He served in Germany and wound up with the Armed Forces network. Card later worked at several major market stations, including WHIM in Providence, R.I., WADA New York, WCOP Boston and WERE Cleveland.

One of Card's duties at WLS was to play the "Silver Dollar Survey", a ranking of the station's top hits of the week. As an added bonus, he would play the Silver Dollar Survey's #1 song from a year ago, and he was always adding tidbits about the songs and the artists, Casey Kasem style.

 Card left WLS in 1967 (his replacement was Larry Lujack). The veteran jock did some fill-in work at rival WCFL and later owned stations in Wisconsin before selling them in 1989. He retired four years later and at last word was living happily in Florida.

Enjoy Dex Card at WLS here.

Enjoy Dex Card at WLS here.

Enjoy Dex Card at WLS here.

Enjoy Dex Card at WLS here.

(The Don Shuttleworth Collection)

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