I have always believed that when doing a show on radio, most things done become immediate history and disappear into a great void somewhere. Apparently I have been proven wrong. When doing shows it rarely if ever occurred to me that listeners might be taping the shows for anything but the music. People would often call me and ask if I could give them a hint when I was about to play a particular tune. That meant they wanted to start the tape machine. Those are the folks who always hated when the personality would talk up to the post. That ruined the clean recording.

As for Marsden High, I can't remember exactly why I started doing that show. It probably had something to do with the CRTC requirement for foreground. In the very early days CFNY had a huge foreground commitment. It was sort of a send up of my teenage days as Dave Mickey. A little self-deprecation is good for the soul. I also remember thinking that some great music from previous eras was not being heard on the radio at that time. I considered it unfortunate that the roots of rock were being forgotten hence the Marsden High Program. The high end 'echo' was obviously a send up of the echo heard on great radio station of the sixties - such as WABC New York. The name of the show may or may not have had anything to do with drugs. That was up to the listener to decide and still is.

I'm delighted you have a recording of this because I don't and I will listen with delight and probably embarrassment all at the same time. The level of embarrassment will be guided by the presentation and its ability to stand the test of time.