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Resource Sites

General (U.S.)

440:Satisfaction (Johnny Williams) *he gave us our first link in 1996!
Reel Radio Repository (Richard Irwin) (Steve West) 
The Broadcast Archive (Barry Mishkind)
The History of American Broadcasting (Jeff Miller) 
Bob Nelson's Call-Letter Meaning List (about 1,600 meanings)
ARSA - The Airheads Radio Survey Archive (over 10,000 radio station charts) (Gary Pfeifer)
Oldiesloon (lots of mid-west charts, including WLS) (Bill Danning)
That Was Radio (Ric Patterson)
The Olde Disc Jockeys Almanac
Vintage Radio (Jon Hall)

Radio News and Links (
KD Radio

General (Canada)
D-Moos (Russ Horton)
Mr. Aircheck (Russ Horton)

Bud Riley Radio (Bud Riley)

CVUE-FM (Community Radio in Sechelt, B.C.)
WhiStle Radio (Community Radio in Stouffville, Ont.)

Treasure Island Oldies (Michael Godin)
Guitars and All That Jazz (Bill Kay)
The DJ Tribute Page (Jon Pearkins) 
Toronto Radio Survey Page (Craig M. Smith)
WAGRadio (Bill Reiter)

General (Britain)

Radio Samantha

Regional (U.S.)

Buffalo Broadcast Pioneers

Staff Announcer (Steve Cichon)
Northeast Radio Watch (Scott Fybush) 
Northeast Aircheck Page (Rick Kelly) 
Detroit Radio Flashbacks
Radio Recall (Jim Hampton)

Philadelphia Radio Archives (Alan Boris)
New York Radio Guide 
St. Louis Radio Archive (Frank Absher) 
Portland (Ore.) Radio Watch (Dan Packard) 
San Francisco Radio History (John Schneider) 
L.A. Radio People (Don Barrett)

Jack Douglas Original Oldies (Jack Douglas)

Regional (Canada)

Puget Sound Radio
Northwest Broadcasters (Gord Lansdell)
Vancouver Top 40 Radio (Jim Bower)
Vancouver Broadcasters
 (Gord Lansdell)

Edmonton Broadcasters
Calgary Broadcasters

ON THE AIR in Atlantic Canada (Wayne Harriot)

Radio Station Tribute Sites

The CKGM Montreal Super '70s Tribute Site (Marc Denis)
The CFOX Montreal Radio Archive (Marc Denis)
The CHUM Tribute Site
The CFNY "Spirit of Radio" Fan Page (Wes Reimer/Scott MacLean) 
The CKLW Tribute Page (Jack Decker)
CKEY Memories (Bob Rice)
The CHED 630 Tribute Page (K.J. "Keith")
WACK Radio (Rick Hall)
Keener 13: The Home of the Legend (Scott Westerman)
Boss Radio Forever: 93 KHJ (Woody Goulart)
KYUU Archive Page (Jeff McNeal)
Tribute to KQLZ Pirate Radio (Dennis Younker) 
KDWB & WDGY Tributes (Bill Danning) 
KQV Tribute Page (Jeff Roteman) 
WLS Tribute Page (Jeff Roteman) 
WLS History (Scott Childers) 
The WTAE Tribute Page (Jeff Roteman and Chris Lash) 
The WKTQ 13Q Tribute Page (Jeff Roteman) 
WABC Musicradio (Allan Sniffen) 
"The Good Guys" of WMCA (Allan Sniffen)

WOR-FM, WXLO and 99X (Allan Sniffen)
The Demise of WMCA (John Porcaro) 
WKBW Tribute Site (David Fill) 
WRC Tribute Site (Skip McCloskey) 
WOLF 1490 Tribute Site (Bob Mitchell) 
WWDJ Tribute Page (John Porcaro)
WDRC Oldie But Goodie Site (Ed Brouder) 
Famous 56 WFIL (Rod Turner) 
Classic Philadelphia Radio (Kris Earl Phillips) 
The WRKO Tribute Page (Shel Swartz) 
Unofficial WLAC Tribute Page (Jim Lowe) 
Radio London Tribute Page (Chris and Mary Payne) 
New Zealand's Radio 1XX (Aaron Anderson)
Nighttime America (Jeff Roteman)

Announcer Sites

John's Voice (John McGrath) 
Rockin' Robin's Page 
Marsden Planet (David Marsden) 
Norm Foster's Page 
The Alan Freed Page (Victor Bornia)
Wolfman Jack Tribute (Doug Allen)
Robert W. Morgan Tribute Page (Kevin Gershan) 
Geator! (Jerry Blavat Tribute - Bill Smith) 
Charlie O'Brien (CHUM, CKWW) Page
Jack Gale Radio

Message Boards

Southern Ontario/Western New York Radio Forum (Craig Smith) 
Radio in Montreal Discussion Board 
New York Radio Message Board (Allan Sniffen) (other North American radio boards)

Aircheck/Jingle sites: Commercial

Man From Mars Productions (Ed Brouder) 
PAMS productions 
Johnny Mann Singers

Aircheck sites: Trading lists

Aaron Mintz 
Gary Pfeifer 
Art Vuolo

DX sites

National Radio Club (Frederick Vobbe) 
ANARC (Ralph Brandi)

...and the sites just keep on comin'!

McGrath Communications (John McGrath) 
Scorepics (Chris Mayberry)
Forgotten Buffalo
Rockin' Up North (Bob Morritt)
Movie and DVD Reviews
Jordan Release Dates 
Radio Connection 
RADIO ONLINE (for radio pros) 
Radio Daily News 
Fifties Boulevard 
Johnny Mann Singers