FM 108 Gold 'N Great



(This list covers announcers and support staff from September, 1978 to September 1990. Thanks to Mark Panopoulos and Julius Banfai among others for their help. E-mail us to add information or make corrections.)

CAROL ATKINSON - Promotion, sales, traffic, commercials, she did it all on the morning show when husband Wes was on the air. Worked at station from 1979 to 1990. Managed a flower store for many years. For years, she and Wes did a Christmas morning show during which kids were encouraged to call in and go on the air. DECEASED: 2011.

WES ATKINSON - Worked virtually every shift at the station but primarily mornings. Was morning host from 1986 to 1990 (6-10 a.m.) Does some production work for CHWO Oakville, Ont. One of FM 108's most enduring and popular announcers, he was also one of the nicest. DECEASED: March 2, 2008, age 59.

JACK BARR - Mornings news announcer around 1986. FM 108 was about the 25th station he had worked at. DECEASED.

ESTHER BARTKEW - Did afternoon and weekend news in the late '80s-early '90s.

DON BIEFER - Worked Saturday mornings in early-mid '80s (8 a.m.-1 p.m.)

BLACK CAT - She did a weekend overnight show during the early days of the oldies period, often following Julius Brown's show. Was a club DJ at Ramblewood on Highway 6.

NORMAN BLAKELY - He did early evenings when he first arrived in March, 1979, and later was morning man. Became program director in 1981. Norm was the genius, the guiding force behind FM 108. DECEASED: January 19, 1997, age 53, heart attack. (much more on Norm on the Norman B. tribute page)

DAVE BOOTH (DADDY COOL) - Brief appearance with Bill Haley interview after Haley passed away in 1981. Also has appeared on CFNY and other Toronto stations.

JULIUS BROWN - Usually worked overnight weekend shifts but also filled in on other nights. His on-air nom-de-plume was J.B. Always ended show with "Theme From A Summer Place", and often started his show with "Sunday Will Never Be the Same." Julius and Burt Thombs, now retired from their respective careers, now both trade stocks. They host live trading sessions and webinars with traders all over the world.

TONY CAMPBELL - Worked in newsroom during late '80s.

GIL CHRISTIE - PM drive host (3-7 p.m.) during the MOYL period. DECEASED.

JUNIOR CHUNG - Joined FM 108 in 1978 and has spent over 17 years there. Was mid-morning host (10 a.m.-noon) for a time in the early '80s. Better known for hosting Saturday afternoon (4-6 p.m.) and Sunday night (10 p.m.-midnight) reggae show. Operations manager in 1980s and early '90s. Consultant for radio station in Jamaica. DECEASED: July, 2005, cancer.

TEDD COLBEAR - One of FM 108's smoothest-sounding announcers, he later moved to CJRN 710.

JACK COLE - Hosted weekday jazz show (1-3 p.m.) in early '80s. Was also on-air at CKTB St. Catharines, Ont. Later went to Saturday and Sunday mornings and then to Sunday overnights at CHWO Oakville, Ont.

SARA CHRISTIANSEN - Newsperson during the '80s.

DOUG CUNNINGHAM - Station owner in the beginning; later moved to CIDC-FM in Orangeville, Ont.

GLEN DARLING - Hosted early evening show (10:30-midnight) in the Golden Great beginnings in 1978 (his show followed the Hour of God). Programmed oldies at FM 108 until his departure for CKRW Whitehorse in 1981.

BILL EGGERTSON - This former Broadcast News editor was a newscaster during the first year of FM 108 in 1976.

MIKE ELLSWORTH - Did production from mid-'80s to early '90s. Now at CHFI-FM Toronto and does freelance writing and production. Has also worked for Country 59, Q-107 and AM 640 in Toronto.

MARK EUSTACE - Did overnight show on Saturday nights (12 mid-6 a.m.) and for a while Thursdays as well. Also handled production and other duties for the station.

TOM FULTON - Served briefly as morning man in early '80s. Later was interview host at CJRT-FM and the first morning man at AM 740. DECEASED: December 9, 2002, age 58, apparent heart attack.

JACK FREISEN - Former CKBBer who worked at FM 108 in the early days.

ELWOOD GLOVER - First midday host (Noon-3 p.m.) during the MOYL period. DECEASED: November 14, 1990.

GUEST APPEARANCES - Burton Cummings, Bobby Curtola and Peter Tork (to name three) all did guest shows at one time or another.

JULIAN GUMLEY - During the early years, he was an FM 108 engineer.

RALF HAKENBERG - Co-hosted Ralf and Dave show on Friday nights with Dave Jourdain during the early 1980s. Ralf is co-founder of Theatre Ancaster.

RON HALL - Co-hosted with Larry Smith on some shows. Wrote and self-published "The CHUM Chart Book."

MURRAY HANES - Salesman and manager of sales department at FM 108. DECEASED: September 26, 2017.

TERRY HILL - Producer of Ritchie Yorke show.

BECKY HOOD - Receptionist in early '80s.

RUSS HORTON - Overnight jock during first half of '80s (Midnight-6 a.m.), succeeded Rockin' Robin as evening host in 1988. Also handled production and music librarian duties for several years.

WOLFMAN JAMES - Did ONE all-night show in early '80s. I wonder if the other Wolfman minded him using his name?

CATHARINE JAY - Overnight announcer (a rare female disc jockey during the oldies period) before moving to CHAM Hamilton, Ont.

PETE JAYCOCK - Evening host (6-10 p.m.) in the mid-80s before moving to mornings in late 1985. Did AM drive (6-10 a.m.) for about three months before moving to CKLH Hamilton, Ont.

LEN JONES - Saturday morning host late '80s, early '90s

DAVE JOURDAIN - Hosted folk show Saturday afternoons (4-6 p.m.) from 1983-87. Also co-hosted Ralf and Dave Show. Dave is a retired teacher.

DON KEEL - Another DJ who appeared briefly. Owner of Don's Discs in Toronto.

BARRY KING - Morning news announcer during early '80s. DECEASED: February 2001.

DONNA KING - Barry's wife was involved in preparing on-air schedules known to radio people as "logs".

BRAD KING - Son of Barry and Donna was an operator in the early days.

JEFF KIRKWOOD - FM 108 operator who later became producer at CHUM.

MARTIN KOPPEL - Owner of Kop's Collectables who appeared with Norman B. on the Wax Museum.

PAUL LEOW - Operated for Earl Warren around mid-80s.

DARRYL KNIGHT - News and sports reporter in mid-'80s.

BOB LACHANTZ - Engineer from the early days. He later worked at CFMT-47.

CHARLIE LEMMOX - Sports reporter who mainly did Toronto Blue Jay games.

CLIFF MASON - Did Tuesday overnight (Midnight-6 a.m.) in 1985 and early 1986.

DON McMILLAN - Sports announcer during the mid-'80s. Now retired, he was a purchasing agent for Dofasco.

JAY McPHAIL - Saturday mornings (8 a.m.-noon) in early '90s. First morning announcer of dance music period. DECEASED: December 2, 1996, cancer.

JOHNNY MILLER - Sports announcer during the early '80s.

SUE MILNE - Traffic, news features and other duties during late '70s and early '80s.

JOHN MITTER - Morning host (6-10 a.m.) from June to October 1985. Worked in production for CFMT-TV Toronto. Also did the famed Grey Broadcast spots.

STEVE MORTENSON/STEVE RICHARDS - Midday and also overnight man in early '80s (under both names). Later went to WJYE and WYRK Buffalo. Moved to England.

PAT MURRAY - Midday host (Noon-3 p.m.) during the MOYL period. DECEASED.

PETER MURRAY - Did afternoon news for a while in the latter half of the '80s.

BILL NAGY - One of Norman's B's closest friends, he was not on-air at FM 108 during the golden years of the station. But he did co-host a wonderful on-air tribute to Norman B. in March 1997. That was the last time the old FM 108 was heard at 107.9.

JOHN NELSON - Did jazz show Saturday and Sunday mornings (6 a.m.-8 a.m.) during the late '80s and early '90s.

FRANCIS NIBLOCK - Mainstay of the newsroom for many years; she usually did afternoon shift. Long-time host of Burlington Pulse, a local roundup of news and information.

TERRY O'REILLY - Creative direction/copy chief at FM 108 1981-82. Wrote half-hour Beatle trivia show that appeared Monday to Friday on Rockin' Robin's show. Played character of Babalooie on Tom Fulton's morning show. Co-founder Pirate Radio and Television (largest post-production facility in Canada).

JIM PAULSON - Did mornings (6-10 a.m.) in mid-80s before moving to middays (10 a.m.-3 p.m.) and PM drive (3-6 p.m.) until his departure in 1991 for CHWO. Veteran of Toronto radio scene. DECEASED: February 13, 2007, age 67.

MARK PANOPOULOS - Long-time producer-board op whose show "Friday Night at the Fifties" (Midnight-6 a.m) is something of legend. All-night operator for the years when syndicated shows occupied the all-night spot, later got his own all-night show (Midnight-6 a.m.) five days a week and later moved to day production-board op. First on-air name was "Be-Bop". His sign-off songs were "Lovers Never Say Goodbye" by the Flamingos and "These Are The Young Years" by Floyd Cramer.

DALE PATTERSON/SCOTT REGAN - As Scott Regan, did the "Gold Mine" show on Wednesday nights (Midnight-6 a.m.) 1985-86, then to Sunday nights (Midnight-6 a.m.) from 1986-88. Reappeared under his own name as Dale Patterson Saturday afternoons in the summer of 1990 (Noon-3 p.m.) Did the last-ever all-oldies show on FM 108 on Saturday, September 29, 1990. Now retired after 35 years as a reporter-editor at The Canadian Press.

PAT PORTER - Saturday daytime host in early '90s. Also worked at the Canadian Radio Network (CRN) in late 80s.

MATT REGAN - Did Friday nights midnight-3 a.m. before leaving for CKAR Oshawa, Ont., and points unknown.

JOHN REYNOLDS - Hosted late-night jazz show called "John's Jazz" during the beautiful music era. Show ran from 11 p.m.-1 a.m. Sunday to Thursday. Was on the air for about six months.

ROCKIN' ROBIN - Late-evening (10 p.m.-midnight) and evening (7-11 p.m.) host throughout much of '80s. Left in 1989 for satellite show on The Canadian Radio Network (CRN). Has also appeared on CJRN Niagara Falls, CHSC St. Catharines, CHML Hamilton and AM 740 Toronto. Visit his web site at

FRAN ROBERTS - Co-hosted the Elvis Show with Norman B. Show usually appeared once a month between 3-4 p.m. Saturday. Was president of Elvis in Canada fan club.

GEETS ROMO - This Toronto radio legend had a brief stint as an engineer in the early '80s.

LYNN SARACHMAN - This former Miss Burlington (1985) was also on the air at FM 108 during the 1980s.

THE SHADOW - He never spoke on air (except on his birthday a couple of times) but Larry Bunda played great music on the all-night show (Midnight-6 a.m.) in the early '80s.

BOB SHEPPARD - Morning news announcer late '80s to early '90s. Later went to CHWO Oakville, Ont.

SKIP SIRMAN - Sunday overnights (Midnight-6 a.m.) 1985-86. His theme song was "Crazy In The Night" by Kim Carnes.

DAVE SMITH - AM drive (6-10 a.m.) 1988-1991, and long-time CKOC jock.

LARRY SMITH - Did 4-6 a.m. weekdays back in the early, early days. Record collector and owner Stardust Records Hamilton, Ont. DECEASED: September 18, 2017

MIKE SPICER - Overnight announcer (Midnight-6 a.m.) and sometime evening jock starting in mid-'80s. He later went to CHNR Simcoe, Ont. and the Canadian Radio Network (CRN).

JOHN STONEHAM - Did late Saturday evening oldies program in early '80s.

RAY SUTHERLAND - Sales and manager of sales department since the very early days.

DAVE TERRYBERRY - First overnight announcer (Midnight-6 a.m.) when station introduced the Golden Great Revival in Sept., 1978.

BURT THOMBS - Known primarily as Saturday afternoon host (1-3 p.m.), but also did Saturday nights in the late' 80s (8 p.m.-midnight). At one time around 1980, he was the five-day a week evening announcer. Burt and Julius Brown, now retired from their respective careers, now both trade stocks. They host live trading sessions and webinars with traders all over the world.

CLINT TRUEMAN - Did various shifts in early '80s, including mid-morning weekdays (10 a.m.-noon) and Saturday morning (9 a.m.-12 noon).

JIM TUCK - Did Friday nights midnight-3 a.m. in mid-to-late '80s. Worked as a stunt man.

KEN TREW - Morning man and program director during the beautiful music era. DECEASED: 2015

FRANK TYMES - Traffic reporter, late '80s-early '90s. Left station in the spring of 1990 and since then has done stints at C100, CHNS and CJCH Halifax and CJMR/CHWO Oakville, the last as J.D. Sicoli.

MIKE VUKOVICH - Writer-producer in late '80s. Moved to CFNY when dance format started at CING.

EARL WARREN - Started in early '80s and mid-morning (9 a.m.-noon) announcer when they were MOYL during day. Was PM drive (3-6 p.m.) for years when the station went to daytime oldies. Went back to middays (10 a.m.-3 p.m.) before leaving for CHWO in 1991. Was at CFRB for 22 years from the 1960s to early '80s. DECEASED: October 19, 2002, age 69.

KENNY WELLS - "Special K" appeared briefly in the early '80s. Better known for his CKFH work in late '60s. DECEASED: May 25, 2003.

DAVE WHATMOUGH - Hosted Saturday morning rarities show (3-6 a.m.) from 1981 to 1985.

WILD BILL - Did all-night show during early '80s. Later worked at CFMU-FM on a show called "Roots of Rock 'N' Roll". Also worked on interview TV show on Cable 14 in Hamilton.

RITCHIE YORKE - Did late-evening AOR-type show on Thursday (11 p.m.-3 a.m.) and Saturday nights in the '80s. Moved to Australia. Has written several books on rock music.

VERONICA YOUNG - She played an important role in publicizing the station as the "The FM 108 Hostess" in the early '80s.