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For week of September 2, 2012
Edition #696

Station: CIQC Montreal
Date: September 6, 1998
Time: 26:19

Whether he was in front of a camera or behind a mic, Jack Curran could do it all.

Curran charmed Montrealers as a television personality and radio host for nearly half-a-century. He's perhaps best known for his time at CFCF-TV, which he joined when Channel 12 launched in 1961. At CFCF-TV, he read the news, did the weather, and hosted variety shows, game shows, panel shows, talk programs and fronted the highly popular Movie Matinee in the '70s. He also hosted the award-winning Grand Prix Wrestling from 1971 to 1975. On the station's managerial side, Curran served as program manager and vice-president of public relations.

John Bernard Curran got his start in broadcasting at the age of 16 in 1951, at the CBC radio station in Saint John. The native of Grand Falls, N.B., worked in Newcastle, Ont., Halifax and Ottawa before landing at CJAD Montreal in 1953. He followed his success at CFCF-TV by doing the morning show at CFCF radio from 1977 to 1991. Curran returned to CFCF (by then known as CIQC) in the late '90s to do a weekend Big Band show. He joined CJUL (The Jewel) Cornwall, Ont., when it went on the air in 2000. It was Curran's last broadcasting gig before his death in 2003 at the age of 71.

"He had the gift of gab and was one of the most unflappable people on air I have ever met," fellow broadcaster Don McGowan told the Montreal Gazette. "His poise was extraordinary. He could walk into a studio cold, go on camera, and give you the impression he had prepared for days. He was a good all-around performer."

Enjoy Jack Curran on CIQC here.

(The Alain Desroches Collection)


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