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Talent: TOM KENT
Station: 96X (WMJX) Miami
Date: March 24, 1978
Time: 43:57 (unscoped)
12:48 (scoped)

Many AM Top 40 stations disappeared in the early '80s, but Miami's WMJX was a rare case of an FM Top 40 station vanishing into the ether.

In 1981 - in a rare FCC action - WMJX was told to surrender its license because of a series of fraudulent contests during its days as WMYQ in the early '70s. WMYQ, which originated as WGBS-FM in 1948, became Top 40-formatted WMJX (96X) in October 1975. It switched to a disco format as Disco 96 in 1979 before returning to Top 40 the following year. But on February 15, 1981, deejay Stuart Elliot signed the station off by playing "The Long and Winding Road" and tearfully uttering, "96X is WMJX Miami." Then silence until Top 40 WCJX took over the 96.3 frequency in 1986 and reviving the 96X branding.

Enjoy Tom Kent at 96X here.

Enjoy Tom Kent at 96X here.

Enjoy Tom Kent at 96X here.

Enjoy Tom Kent at 96X here.

(The Charlie Ritenburg Collection)

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