Edition #1000 - Week of August 5, 2018 

Subject: CHUM # SONGS MONTAGE (1957-86)
Station: CHUM Toronto
Date: 1957-86
Time: 1:05:16

(Front cover of the first CHUM Chart, May 27, 1957)

From Elvis to Madonna.

Six-hundred-and-ninety-four songs made it to #1 on CHUM, from the first - Elvis's "All Shook Up" in 1957 - to the last - Madonna's "Live To Tell" in 1986.

This montage showcases all of them, in order, including both sides of double-sided hits that reached #`1, plus lots of classic CHUM jingles.

Some long-forgotten tunes are included. There's Andy Stewart's "Donald Where's Your Troosers", the Everly Brothers' "Bowling Green", plus "Amazing Grace" by the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards. Yes, they all made it to #1 on CHUM.

What better way to celebrate Aircheck of the Week #1000, a series that started in January 1999 with Keith Hampshire on CKFH from January 1970.

Enjoy the CHUM #1 Songs Montage here. 

(Logo from the last CHUM Chart (unpublished), June 14, 1986)

(Produced by Dale Patterson/CHUM jingles from Doug Thompson in the CHUM Archives)


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