Edition #1048
Week of July 14, 2019


Station: WQXI Atlanta
Date: July 20, 1969
Time: 32:01 (unscoped)
12:45 (scoped)

Back to the future!

It was the morning of July 20, 1969. In a few hours, Neil Armstrong will become the first man to set foot on the moon, followed a few minutes later by Buzz Aldrin.

Nowadays you'd follow such an event on TV, radio or the Internet. There was no Internet in 1969, but a commercial at the 2:46 mark on this aircheck for the Nysark Center hints at the future. The centre invites people to visit or write for a computer search on how to find a home, an apartment, a used car or (and we're assuming here) anything that suits their fancy. Yes, a forerunner of the Internet. So as you explore the past on this aircheck, you are also going back to the future for a peek at what will be in popular usage in about three decades.

Enjoy Mike Dineen on WQXI (UNSCOPED) here

Enjoy Mike Dineen on WQXI (SCOPED) here

(The Don Shuttleworth Collection)

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