Airchecks: Jingles

For starters, how about ....

The CHUM PAMS Jingle Collection (11:01)  Contributor: Dan Haber

It's a blast!


And let us not forget CHUM's competitors ...

The CKEY Jingle Collection (3:53) Contributor: Sam Ward  

The CKFH Jingle Collection (6:36)  Contributor: Tom Fulton

The CFTR Jingle Collection (6:08) Contributor: Dan Haber


And from south of the border ...

The WKBW Jingle Collection (7:05) Contributor: Sam Ward 

Note: "Pop-Tops", formerly part of "Rock Radio Jingles", now have their own section here.

Station: WGR Buffalo, N.Y.

Year: 1982

Description: "Glad You're Alive" Jingle

Hear it here.

Station: WNEW-AM New York

Year: 1992

Description: Various artists jingle

Hear it here.

Station: WGR Buffalo, N.Y.

Year: 1976

Description: BankAmericard jingle where all the states are named.

Here it here.

Station: CKLW Windsor, Ont.

Year: Undated

Description: Famous news sounder associated with the station's "20-20" news.

Here it here.


- The Milkman's Matinee ran for more than a half-century (1935-1988) on WNEW New York, and the theme is a classic. 

Here it is opening the Bob Jones Show from November 30, 1984.

- Travel back in time to hear this sign-off of WOLF Syracuse in 1956. Sweet dreams! Thanks to Dusty Rhodes for donating this.

- And long-time contributor Dan Haber has given us something out of this world - The JAM Song .