I miss radio.

I miss the days when radio was live and local. I miss the thrill of hearing my favourite deejays talk up a vocal. I miss the anticipation I used to get when a new deejay came to town, or the feeling of nostalgia when an old one left. I miss the contests, the promotions, the jingles. I miss the days when stations served their communities, and proudly so.

Most of all I miss the excitement, the magic that was radio.

Thankfully, we can hear that great radio again, though those little miracles known as airchecks. At Rock Radio Scrapbook, Canada's Aircheck Archive, we have hundreds of them, all free for the clicking. I'm your curator, Dale Patterson, and I want to let you hear radio the way it used to be.

Who am I? Well, I'm a journalist based in the Toronto area. I've had the pleasure in participating in radio at many levels - as a broadcaster (at CING-FM Burlington, Ont. (aircheck here), CFMU Hamilton, Ont. (aircheck here) and oldies108.ca, as an operator (at CKFH Toronto), as a editor-reporter (35 years at The Canadian Press/Broadcast News), as a historian (Rock Radio Scrapbook), as a DXer (former member of the National Radio Club with nearly 500 AM catches and over 200 FM catches) and as a collector of airchecks, books and radio memorabilia. I've also written three books, in the history-trivia-reference genre.

There's something special about radio - it's immediate, it involves real people and there is a certain air of mystery to it - you have to use your imagination. With the trend to today's cookie-cutter, predictable radio, I believe it's important to keep the legacy of the great radio of the past alive. That's what this page is about.

This web site is dedicated to radio history, with emphasis on the top 40 era. We have plenty of airchecks, written history and lists. Every Sunday, a new aircheck is added in the "Aircheck of the Week" feature. Now and then, we get recognized, as the CBC's "Definitely Not The Opera" did in May, 2005, and Doug Thompson did in "Broadcast Dialogue" in February, 2008.

I welcome your contributions to the history sections of this site. If you wish to donate an aircheck, please e-mail and we will make arrangements. All contributors are given credit on the page if they wish. I generally avoid posting airchecks that are on other radio sites; there's no sense in duplication and there is plenty to choose from anyway.

The strength of Rock Radio Scrapbook is in its contributors.The following people have contributed information and advice that has greatly helped the development of this web site since we first went on-line October 29, 1996.

Wes Atkinson

Rob Basile

Fred Bradley

Julian Breen

Ron Brokenshire

Stan Campbell

Ross Carlin

Warren Cosford

Jim Dalziel

Stefan Daystrom

Marc Denis

Tom Donahue

Bill Dulmage

Gary Duke

Paul Eldridge

Laurence Etling

Joe Evelius

Tom Fulton

Jack Gale

Joseph Gallant

Roy Geldart

Dan Haber

Tom Howard

Keith Hampshire

Russ Horton

Leonard Hyde

Richard Irwin

Ron Jacobs

Dale Johnson

Dan Kowal

Tom Kent

John Kordis

Bob Laine

Greg Lance

John Little

Stephen MacLeod

Mike Marshall

David Marsden

Lorne Massena

Chris Mayberry

King Daevid MacKenzie

Aaron Mintz

John McGrath

John McKay, Jr.

Fred Miller

Jeff Miller

Bob Mitchell

Aaron Mintz

Barry Mishkind

Jeff Moulton

Rob Muir

William Nichols

Dan O'Neil

Mark Panopoulos

Gary Pfeiffer

Doc Phillips

James Pritchard

Kal Radoja

Charlie Ritenburg

Tom Rivers

Rockin' Robin

Gord Robson

Art Rockwood

Eli Rosenburg

Jeff Roteman

Tom Sanders

Vince Santarelli

Geo. Schaefer

Don Shuttleworth

Bob Smith

Craig M. Smith

Al Sniffen

Jim Southern

Al Stark

Dan Steeves

Tim Sykes

Burt Thombs

Pierre Tremblay

Doug Thompson

Peter Thompson

Clint Trueman

Al Wallick

Sam Ward

Dave Whatmough

Johnny Williams *Johnny gave us our first link!

Mark Young


If I have left you out, I'm sorry for the oversight. Please let me know and I'll add you to the list!

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