Station: WGCL Cleveland
Date: June, 1974
Time: 49:19 (unscoped)
13:44 (scoped)


(Pictures courtesy Charlie Ritenburg)

It's one thing to hear the aircheck.

It's another to hear the story behind it.

Charlie Ritenburg tells us "the rest of the story" behind this classic 'check.

"These pictures (above) are the two radios that I listened to WGCL (G-98) Cleveland from London Ontario with. I first heard G-98 on the Sony clock radio in early 1974 after discovering the existence of WDRQ-FM Detroit only days before while travelling close to the Motor City.
The "circuit board" radio was a high school project that also received G-98 along with "Rock 102" from Buffalo and many other FM stations from Cleveland, Detroit, Kitchener, Hamilton, Buffalo and occasionally Toronto in stereo. This was the receiver which the G-98 air check from 1974 was recorded from onto a medium quality, non dolbilized cassette deck with a low bias "Audio Magnetics" brand tape.
Both radios were connected to the "rabbit ears" TV antenna that are shown with the "circuit board" radio to receive these distant signals. I still use these very same rabbit ears today with my home sound system in Richmond Hill and the Sony clock radio is still working and waking me up from my night table after nearly 38 years of reliable operation."

Enjoy Truckin' Lennie and Skip O'Brien on WGCL (UNSCOPED) here

Enjoy Truckin' Lennie and Skip O'Brien on WGCL (UNSCOPED) here

Enjoy Truckin' Lennie and Skip O'Brien on WGCL (scoped) here

Enjoy Truckin' Lennie and Skip O'Brien on WGCL (scoped) here

(The Charlie Ritenburg Collection)

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