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Week of August 25, 2019


Station: CHAM Hamilton
Date: September 22, 1973
Time: 6:19

If listening to CHAM wasn't enough, you could also watch!

During its Top 40 era, the Hamilton station was located inside a shopping mall called the Terminal Towers. Since all the stores in the mall had glass for walls, you could actually stand outside and watch the announcers working in the control room. Among the jocks you would have seen through the glass in those days were Gil HarrisDick JosephIke IsaacKen PackhamRavin' Dave MitchellSkip DewlingDon CollinsBob WoodTed MichaelsDon WestJ.J. ClarkeLen Robinson and Dave Fisher. Also on staff was newscaster Glenn Darling, the son of Canadian broadcaster Tom Darling who would later become program director of FM 108 in Burlington.

CHAM went on the air in 1959 under the call letters CHIQDavid Marsden was one of the early deejays, appearing there in 1964 after his CKEY Toronto days. The call letters were changed to CHAM after Rogers Broadcasting purchased the station in 1967. The station went Top 40 in 1970 in direct competition with CKOC, and published a weekly music chart for a time. CHAM was sold to Dancy Broadcasting in 1976, which promptly changed the call letters to CJJD and moved the broadcast facility to Lloyd D. Jackson Square, ending the days of public viewing of the deejays. The old CHAM call letters were restored in 1981 and the format changed to country when the station was purchased by Moffat Communications. In 1985, CHAM moved to 820 on the AM dial.

Enjoy Jason Clark on CHAM here

(The Bob Seed Collection via Don Shuttleworth)

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Station: CHML Hamilton
Date: August 27-28, 2005
Times: Various

Two great talents come together on these interesting segments from CHML's Pop Culture show.

Bob "Sparky" Sherwin was a fixture in Hamilton radio, having spent nearly a quarter-century at legendary Top 40 outlet CKOC beginning in 1978. Two years after his dismissal from CKOC in 2001 he moved cross-town to news-talk outlet CHML.  He started at CKNS Caledonia near Hamilton in May 2006 but died a year later of a heart attack. He was 52.

While at CHML, Sherwin teamed up with journalist Terry Ott for a feature called Pop Culture (a show about - not surprisingly - pop culture). Ott started in professional radio in 1980 when he sat in with Pete Daley on CKOC's all-night show. Later that year he landed at Toronto's Q-107 before moving to LA-FM in Lethbridge, Alberta. He was at FM 108 (CING-FM) by the end of 1981. After leaving the media the next year to join the family business, he resurfaced in 1994 for a weekly talk show at Rogers Community TV. Ott went into the print media in 1997 at VIEW magazine and joined the fledgling National Post the following year. He later did reviews for the Globe and Mail, and by the 2000s was joining Sherwin on CHML for the pop culture segments on Bob's show. In 2012, began a still in progress investigation of concussions and CTE in the CFL for the Concussion Blog, Chicago, including being the first to report on the Arland Bruce lawsuit in 2014, and in 2018, for the Georgia-based Advocacy For Fairness in Sports.

We have five segmentgs of Pop Culture for you.

Segment One (8:01) 

Segment Two (8:50)

Segment Three (9:54)

Segment Four (14:16)

Segment Five (6:21)

(The Terry Ott Collection)

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