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CKFM Toronto
April 5, 1979

He was an oasis of calm during one of the busiest times of the day.

Russ Thompson, who held down afternoon drive at CKFM Toronto for the better part of two decades, exuded calm and warmth as he helped busy commuters get through their homebound drive. Thompson, a son of immigrants who had fled the Russian revolution, arrived in Toronto radio in the '50s at CKEY but by 1965 had arrived at CKFM, CFRB's sister station on FM (he later left for a stint at CBC Radio, returning to CKFM in 1968). For much of his time at CKFM, Thompson was back-to-back with another great voice in Carl Banas, who followed him in the evening shift.

Thompson left CKFM in 1987 for a stint at CJEZ, which had just signed on as a beautiful music station. He would stay there until his retirement from full-time radio in 1992. Thompson kept busy by continuing his voiceover work, which included representing brands such as General Motors, Timex, CN/CP, Belvedere and Proctor and Gamble.

Thompson, whose birth name was Boris Wegeruk, died January 16, 2017. He was 82.

Enjoy Russ Thompson on CKFM here.

Enjoy Russ Thompson on CKFM here.

(The Bill Dulmage Collection)

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