Edition #991 - Week of June 3, 2018 

Station: WSAI Cincinnati
Date: August 16, 1972
Time: 43:48 (unscoped)
             15:13 (scoped)

Dick Biondi is best known as a Chicago jock, but he had plenty of gigs in other markets.

In between a 12-year run at the Windy City's WLS and WCFL (1960-72), and a decade at WNMB Myrtle Beach (1973-1985), Biondi squeezed in a short gig at Cincinnati's WSAI. On this aircheck, Biondi  says he's part of the "Great Audition" and  mentions some of the other jocks vying for a gig at WSAI (hard to imagine that happening today).

Biondi got the gig and did morning drive at the Cincinnati station for about a year before heading to Myrtle Beach, a perfect spot for Biondi who loved to golf. He returned to Chicago radio at WBBM-FM in 1982. He stayed on the air in the Windy City until he was sidelined with a leg ailment in 2017 at age 84, after 67 years in radio and some 28 stations.

Enjoy Dick Biondi (UNSCOPED) here

Enjoy Dick Biondi (SCOPED) here

(The Don Shuttleworth Collection)


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