Edition #1272
Week of December 3, 2023


WIP Philadelphia
Date: December 2, 1960
Time: 29:37 (unscoped)
18:57 (scoped)

For 26 years, Joe McCauley either kept Philadelphians up or woke them up.

The Philly native joined WIP-FM (forerunner of WMMR) in 1941 after beginning his broadcast career at another Philadelphia station, WHAT. Within a year, McCauley was promoted to WIP-AM to host the all-night Dawn Patrol, a post he held for a dozen years until 1954. He then moved to mornings, waking up the City of Brotherly Love for 14 years until his death in the summer of 1968.

McCauley's trademark was his playing of "Bluebird of Happiness", which he originally aired without credit as the singer on the recording was unknown. Station executives eventually tracked down the singer as Jan Peerce. She re-recorded the song and had a hit with it in 1948.

McCauley had a famous granddaughter who never knew him. Anne Hathaway was born 14 years after his death and went on to become of the world's leading actresses.

Enjoy Joe McCauley on WIP (UNSCOPED) here.

Enjoy Joe McCauley on WIP (SCOPED) here.


(The Don Shuttleworth Collection)

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