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Station: WABC New York
Date: January 29, 1969
54:22 (unscoped)
17:38 (scoped)

"Movin' and a-groovin'
Havin' a ball
With Cousin Brucie
Go, go. Go, go. Go, go."

For years, Bruce Morrow began his night-time WABC show with that tune. Recorded by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons, Morrow's "Go Go" theme song is one of the most famous deejay themes in history. But that's only part of the story of the man known to millions as Cousin Brucie.

Born Bruce Meyerowitz October 13, 1937, Morrow got his professional start as a 19-year-old in the summer of 1957 at ZBM Bermuda. After a year there, he returned to his native New York for his first big-time jocking gig, at the legendary WINS. In 1960, he was off to WINZ Miami, only to return to New York in 1961 for the night-time shift at WABC.

Morrow really established his legend at WABC, whose powerful signal could be heard up and down the eastern United States and Canada. It was a special time where AM radio with personality jocks ruled, and Brucie was one of the best with a friendly on-air persona that allowed him to easily connect with the listeners. His show regularly captured 25 per cent of the New York listening audience, and an amazing figure considering the size and diversity of the market.

After 13 years at WABC, Brucie jumped to rival WNBC in 1974 for what turned out to be a three-year stint. Disenchanted with on-air work, he went into radio station ownership in the late '70s, finally returning to the airwaves in 1982 at WCBS-FM. Initially, he only filled in every third week on Jack Spector's Saturday Night Sock Hop. But by 1986 he was on every Saturday night and Wednesday night too. He also hosted the nationally-syndicated Cruisin' America from 1987 to 1992 (the show continued locally in New York on WCBS-FM as Cruisin' With the Cuz until 1993).

Brucie left WCBS-FM in 2005 when the station became JACK-FM, and soon after signed on at Sirius Satellite Radio. Named to the Radio Hall of Fame in 1988, he was also inducted into the National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame (radio division) in 2008.

Rock Radio Scrapbook presents Cousin Brucie (UNSCOPED) here. 

Rock Radio Scrapbook presents Cousin Brucie (SCOPED) here. 

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