Edition #1205
Week of July 24, 2022


Talent: DON K. REED
Station: WCBS-FM New York
Date: June 10, 1990
Time: 46:30 (unscoped)
16:08 (scoped)

(Larger view here)

For 27 years, Don K. Reed's Doo-Wop Shop was a Sunday night institution at WCBS-FM. It was part of what made the station so special. But that history ended with the cancellation of the show as WCBS-FM began moving away from '50s music. The final Doo-Wop Shop was August 25, 2002.

The history of Sunday night Doo-Wop in New York radio began with Gus Gossert on WCBS-FM in 1969. Gossert moved the program to WPIX-FM in 1971, left the station in 1972 and died under mysterious circumstances in 1976. Rock historian and broadcaster Norm N. Nite picked up the Doo-Wop baton in May 1973 with his Sunday night "Nite Train" oldies show on WCBS-FM. Nite left for WNBC two years later and was replaced in the Sunday night slot at WCBS-FM in June 1975 by Don K. Reed, who revived the Doo-Wop Shop name.

For more than a quarter-century, Reed played the great street-corner sounds of the '50s and early '60s on Sunday nights in the popular Doo-Wop Shop. He simultaneously did a regular late-night oldies show at WCBS-FM until 1995, when he moved to the all-night slot. Reed was still burning the midnight oil when WCBS-FM switched to the Jack format in June 2005. It concluded a 34-year career at WCBS-FM for Reed, who started there during the station's "free form" days in 1971. Prior to WCBS-FM, Reed was at WLIR on Long Island where he started in 1963.

Reed died July 16, 2022 at the age of 77.

Hear Don K. Reed with the Doo-Wop Shop (UNSCOPED) here

Don K. Reed with the Doo-Wop Shop (SCOPED) here


(The Don Shuttleworth Collection)


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