Edition #1199
Week of June 12, 2022


Station: WYNR Chicago
Date: June 11, 1963
Time: 31:09 (unscoped)
          17:13 (scoped)

"The World's Most Independent Independent Station"

WYNR was a winner, but not for long.

The station Top 40 radio pioneer owner Gordon McLendon branded "Winner" was launched after "The Old Scotsman" bought WGES in 1962. But despite a boatload of great talent and PAMS jingles, 5,000-watt WYNR could not compete with established Windy City rival WLS and its 50,000-watt signal. Two years after it launched WNUS became an all-news outlet as WNUS.

Among those to jock at WYNR during its short life were Dick "Wild Child" Kemp, Yvonne Daniels, Jim Randolph, John Evans ,Lucky Cordell and the subject of this aircheck, morning man Bruce Brown.

Enjoy Bruce Brown on WYNR (UNSCOPED) here.

Enjoy Bruce Brown on WYNR (SCOPED) here.


(The Doug Thompson Collection)


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