Edition #1298
Week of June 2, 2024

Station: WNBC New York
Date: June 29, 1974
Time: 30:45 (last show, Pt. 1)

New York ... They say if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.

Wolfman Jack made it in the Big Apple - just not for long.

In the wake of his iconic cameo on 1973's American Graffiti, it seemed every station wanted a piece of the Wolf. One of those stations was WNBC.

WNBC hired Wolfman to do evenings in the summer of 1973 to compete with WABC night-time jock Cousin Brucie. Less than a year later, the Wolf was gone with - irony of ironies - the 'Cuz moving to WNBC.

Wolfman Jack returned to WNBC in the mid-'80s for yet another stint. By that time, Cousin Brucie was on WCBS-FM along with xome of his former colleagues from WABC.

Wolfman Jack died in 1995 and was inducted posthumously into the Radio Hall of Fame the following year.

Enjoy Wolfman Jack on WNBC here.

(The Don Shuttleworth Collection)

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