Edition #1236
Week of March 12, 2023


Talent: JOHN DONABIE w/MIXED BAG (1st show)
Station: CIUT (University of Toronto)
Date: March 19, 2016
1:59:59 (unscoped)
28:32 (scoped)

(Picture courtesy John Donabie)

John Donabie worked up and down the Toronto radio dial, doing just about every format possible in a career spanning more than half a century. But his best gig may have been his last (for now). Donabie talks about getting started at CIUT.

""That first show was probably my most exciting at CIUT. As Ken Stowar my PD said, “play anything you want and interview anyone you want.” He kept his word and I was able to cross genres and enjoy what was like being back at CHUM-FM in the early 70’s. "I mean who plays Joy of Cooking anymore?”  The biggest kick was having my son hear me for the first time in that way." The whole CIUT time was one of the most exciting in my career.

Donabie left CIUT in 2018, departing simply because after 15 years at CFRB and two more at CIUT, he understandably wanted weekends off.

Donabie spent considerable time planning his first show, and the result was radio magic. Enjoy!
Enjoy John Donabie's first Mixed Bag show on CIUT (UNSCOPED) here.

Enjoy John Donabie's first Mixed Bag show on CIUT (SCOPED) here.

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