Edition #1235
Week of March 5, 2023


Station: CHUM Toronto
Date: Early 1967

(CHUM Archives/Doug Thompson)

With his cornball humour and cleverness in doing voices, Brian Skinner was a popular presence at CHUM throughout the '60s. He started as a weekender in 1961 and four years later took over the 7-10 shift previously occupied by Dave Johnson. But in 1968, Jack Armstrong came along and with it, Skinner's early evening shift,

Skinner was initially pushed back to 9 p.m.-midnight, then in August 1969 was relegated to the all-night  show Armstrong took over evenings. After a year of working 11 p.m.- 5 a.m., Skinner - his style of radio no longer no longer welcome at CHUM - quit. He never worked in radio again and never participated of any of the CHUM reunions.

Skinner taught in Seattle for many years, his reign as "The Prez" just a memory.  His son Kori - who sounded remarkably like his dad - jocked at CHUM in the '90s. But there was only one "Prez."

Enjoy Brian Skinner on CHUM from early 1967 here.

(The Bill Dulmage Collection)


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