Edition #1134
Week of March 7, 2021


Subject: TOP 40 DJ REWIND
Station: Various
Date: 1970s
Time: 31:36

We first came across this wonderful montage of 1970s Top 40 radio stations in the mid-'80s when Dan Haber made a copy for us. Somebody was busy with a razor blade!

Too many jocks and jingles to mention, but we've identified some of them:

- Mark Rivers (WGRQ Buffalo, New York)

- Dave Michaels (WTUE Dayton)

- Jay Stevens (KKDJ Los Angeles)

- Randy Robbins (KIMN Denver)

- Lee Bayley (KAKC Tulsa)

- Pat O'Day (KJR Seattle)

- Jack Armstrong (WKBW Buffalo, New York)

- Murray the K Promo (WABC New York)

- The Rocketman (KFMB San Diego)

- Ted Michaels (WTUE Dayton, Ohio)

- Billy Pearl (K-100 Los Angeles)

- Bill Sherk (WXLW Indianapolis)

- Russ O'Hara (KKDJ San Diego)

- John Landecker (WLS Chicago)

- Larry O'Brien (WCFL Chicago)

- Bouncin' Bob (WLEE Richmond, Virginia)

- Dan Ingram (WABC New York)

- Rich Robbins (KCBQ San Diego)

- Gary Mitchell (????)

- Rob Williams (Super K)

- Bob Hamilton (WIFE Indianapolis)

- Big Jim Kelly (????)

- Dale O'Brien (WCGC Atlanta)

- Larry Dixon (WAPE Jacksonville, Florida)

- Dan Donovan (WFIL Philadelphia)

- Joe Niagara (WIBG Philadelphia)

- Hi Lit (WIBG Philadelphia)

- Jerry Blavat (WCAM Camden, New Jersey)

- Wolfman Jack (KDAY Los Angeles)

- Tom Kennedy (WRKO Boston)

- Larry Lujack (WLS Chicago)

- Charlie Tuna (KCBQ San Diego)

- John Leader (WGRD Grand Rapids, Michigan)

- Larry Lujack (WLS Chicago) *again

- Bob Sirrott (WLS Chicago)

- Mort Crowley (WKNR Dearborn, Michigan)

Captain Whammo Jim Channell (WDHF Chicago)

- Jim Edwards (CKLW Windsor/Detroit)

- J. Michael Wilson (CHUM Toronto, WKNR Dearborn, Michigan)

- Bob Evans (WOR-FM New York)

- Frank Brodie (CKLW Windsor)

- Chuck Richards (WWWW Detroit)

- Tom Shannon (CKLW Windsor/Detroit)

- Robin Walker (????)


Enjoy the Top 40 DJ Rewind here.


(The Dan Haber Collection)

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