Edition #1213
Week of September 25, 2022


Talent: MELVIN

Station: WMEX Boston
Date: September 30, 1964
Time: 30:27 (unscoped)
16:37 (scoped)

It was once common practice for stations to use "house names" for their jocks.

Several different announcers did the night-time shift as "Jack The Bellboy" at Detroit's WXYZ. Buffalo station WNIA had house names such as "Mike Melody", "Tom Thomas" and "Jerry Jack" (it saved the cost of getting a new DJ jingle if anyone left).

This practice was also used at WMEX. There was "Fenway" and "Melvin" or "Melvin X. Melvin" to name a couple.

At least four different jocks used the "Melvin" name -
Tom Shovan, Mel Miller, Jim McKrell and J.J. Jeffrey.

Hear the 1964 version of WMEX's Melvin (UNSCOPED) here.

Hear the 1964 version of WMEX's Melvin (SCOPED) here.

(The Doug Thompson Collection)


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