Rock Radio Heaven (B)


Died: February 27, 2001, Winnipeg

Also known as: Birth name was Daryl Burlingham

Stations: CFQC Saskatoon, CJOB, CKY, CKRC Winnipeg, CFUN, CKLG, CKBD Vancouver, CKLW Windsor, Ontario, CHUM Toronto.

Notes: Died of a stroke at age 58, shortly after learning of the death of fellow deejay Rick Honey. Suffered from post-polio syndrome. Signed off his show with the expression "stay out of trees."


Born: December 18, 1943, Hamilton, Ontario

Died: January 19, 1997, St. Catharines, Ontario

Stations: CJRT-FM Toronto, CFOS Owen Sound, Ontario, CFSL Weyburn, Saskatchewan, CJME Regina, CJWA Wawa, Ontario, CJIC Sault Ste. Marie, Ont, CKFH Toronto, CKBB Barrie, Ont., CHOW Welland, Ont., CING-FM (FM 108) Burlington, Ont.

Also known as: His real name was Norman Blakely,

Notes: The genius behind FM 108, his full story is told in the Norman B. Tribute. He died of a heart attack.


Died: January 1, 2019, Norwalk, Connecticut

Also known as: The Big Bad Bear

Stations: WMCA , WCBS-FM, WYNY, WHN New York, WHUD Peekskill, New York, Sirius Satellite Radio

Notes: Spent 12 years at WMCA (1961-1973), surviving the shift to talk in 1970. He was morning man at WHUD from 1986 to 2000 a show he called "The Ed Baer Affair." At WHUD he hosted "Pop Rewind", a two-hour retro show every Sunday. Died of pneumonia.


Born: December 18, 1930, New Bern, North Carolina

Died: January 14, 2012, Louisville, Kentucky

Also known as: The Duke of Louisville; birth name was William Clyde Boahn.

Stations: KBYR Anchorage, WLS Chicago, WAKY, WKLO, WCII Louisville, Kentucky, WVLK Lexington, Kentucky

Notes: Spent more than 30 years in Louisville radio. Won for WKLO the 1967 Radio-TV Mirror Award for local programming. An accomplished artist. A radio guy to the end, his daughter Faith Chapman says Bailey did morning announcements over the public address system at the nursing home where he lived after suffering a stroke that paralyzed his right side in 2004.


Born: 1947, Chicago

Died: June 12, 2013, Allendale, Michigan

Stations: WOKY Milwaukee, WLS Chicago, KSLQ St. Louis, WNIC, WMXD, WDRQ-FM, WKBD-TV Detroit, KBEQ-FM, KLSI Kansas City, WXTR-FM Washington, D.C., WIZF Cincinnati (VP Programming), WGVU AM & FM Grand Rapids, Michigan, WLHT-FM, WTRV-FM Grand Rapids, Michigan, WGVS AM & FM Muskegon, Michigan.

Notes: Won National Association of Broadcasters Marconi Award for Station of the Year in 1998. Three-time finalist for NAB's Crystal Award. Also a finalist for Billboard Air Personality of the Year and Program Director of the Year. The Chicago native died of an apparent heart attack while playing golf. He was 66.


Born: June 21, 1928, Tarentum, Pennsylvania

Died: August 12, 2005, Carmel, Indiana

Also known as: Bouncin' Bill Baker, your early morning vitamin pill. Birth name was Charles William Baker.

Stations: WIOU Kokomo, Indiana, WIBC Indianapolis

Notes: Was morning man at WIBC from 1956 to 1969. Went on to found Broadcast Productions of America, an audio and video production company. Member of the Indiana Disc Jockey Hall of Fame.


Born: October 27, 1918, Peoria, Illinois

Died: September 23, 2004, San Diego

Stations: KNX, KFWB, KGIL, KGBS, KABC, KWIZ Los Angeles, KOA Denver, KHVH, KGMB Honolulu, KNBR, KFMB San Diego, WBKB-TV Chicago

Notes: One of the original "Seven Swingin' Gentlemen" at Color Radio KFWB Los Angeles in 1958. Named one of L.A.'s Top 10 Disc Jockeys of all-time in a survey that appeared in the book Los Angeles Radio Radio by Don Barrett. His controversial talk-show show "Feminine Forum" on KGBS the early '70s is considered to be the forerunner to such talk show hosts as Tom Leykis and Howard Stern.


Born: December 11, 1942, Liverpool, New York

Died: April 16, 1977, Natick, Massachusetts

Also known as: Birth name was Dudley J. Ballou

Stations: WOLF, WNDR Syracuse, New York, KBTR Denver, WKBW Buffalo, New York, WMEX, WVBF, WKOX Boston

Notes: Evening jock at 'KB in late '60s, in between Joey Reynolds and Sandy Beach. Graduate of Syracuse University (communications). Hosted American Bandstand-type show at WNYS-TV in Syracuse. Died of cancer.


Born: September 11, 1936, Odebolt, Iowa

Died: December 21, 1997, Duarte, California

Stations: KYSM Mankato, Minnesota, KSUM Fairmount, Minnesota, WCCO Minneapolis, KALL Salt Lake City, KBOX Dallas, KIMN Denver, KLAC, KFWB, KFI, KJOI, KABC Los Angeles

Notes: Half of the famed Barkley-Al Lohman pairing in L.A. radio; they were together for 25 years - 1961 to 1986. The breakup was bitter they never spoke again after Barkley left for KJOI in 1986. Barkley died of pancreatic cancer.


Died: October 11, 1986

Also known as: Jerry Barbier

Stations: WIRL Peoria, Illinois, WAKY Louisville, Kentucky, KEEL Shreveport, Louisiana

Notes: Returned to Peoria and began working in sales at WXCL-AM Peoria.


Died: May 24, 2013

Also known as: Birth name was Wayne Barry Heinrich.

Stations: CFCN Calgary, CKOV Kelowna, B.C., CKRD Red Deer, Alberta, CJOC, CHEC Lethbridge, Alberta


Born: 1940, Montreal

Died: April 3, 2016

Stations: CKGM Montreal, KZST, KFTY Santa Rosa, California

Also known as: "HK" Bassior on CKGM during the 1960s

Notes: Bassior was a talented voice artist and advertising producer in later years in Northern California. He was also a singer, forming the musical duo "Hank and Jean" with his first wife, performing in cocktail lounges, restaurants and clubs in Sonoma County during the 1970s. His daughters Lila and Liana (with second wife Mary) both inherited their dadís love of music and performing. In 2008, Lila appeared in the cast of Cole Porterís ďAnything GoesĒ at Cal State Fullerton, just after Liana performed in the same musical at Sebastopolís Analy High School. Died at at age 76, of heart and kidney failure.


Born: January 16, 1930, Midland, Ontario

Died: July 8, 2009, North Miami Beach, Florida

Also known as: Birth name was William R. Beamish.

Stations: WAVZ New Haven, Connecticut, WMCA New York

Notes: Starred on "Space Commander 8", a children's TV program on WNHC-TV New Haven in the 1960s. Was also a record promoter. Served in the Canadian Coast Guard before immigrating to the U.S.


Died: January 9, 2008

Also known as: Birth name was Dennis LaCloche

Stations: CKGM, CFOX, CFCF/CIQC Montreal, CJSS Cornwall, Ontario

Notes: Was board op at CKGM 1967-68 for Buddy Gee, a.k.a. George Morris. Died of skin cancer.


Born: July 8, 1937, Chicago

Died: May 9, 2005, Bradenton, Florida

Also known as: Birth name was Frank E. Biniak.

Stations: KRKS Ridgecrest, California, KEX, KISN Portland, Oregon, WUBE Cincinnati (also PD), WGR, WYRK, WBEN AM & FM Buffalo, New York, WDDV, WCTQ Sarasota, Florida, WENG Englewood, Florida (also ND)

Notes: The Chicago-bred Benny joined WGR in 1965, leaving in 1985 after stints in both morning and afternoon drive. Left Buffalo area in 1989 for Florida, where he worked at several stations. Did weather and hosted "Bowling For Dollars" and the 4 o'clock movie on WGR-TV. According to his daughter, Kimberley Chance, his hobbies were golf, golf and more golf. In fact, he requested that his ashes be scattered over his favourite golf course. Died of complications from pneumonia at age 67.


Died: June 4, 2018

Also known as: The Spaceman

Stations: CFOX, CKGM Montreal, CFTR Toronto, CFMJ (AM 640) Toronto

Notes: Did the "View From Space" conspiracy show on AM 640 from 2001 to 2017. He was 69.


Born: July 20, 1943, Pittsburgh

Died: September 8, 2015, Punta Gorda, Florida

Also known as: The Mighty Burner

Stations: WAMO, WZUM Pittsburgh, WOL, WTOP, WHUR-FM, WXTR, WPFW-FM Washington, D.C., XM Satellite Radio (Soul Street)

Notes: Named Billboard magazine's R&B Disc Jockey of the Year in 1972. Recognized as Disc Jockey of the Year by the Gavin Report in 1973. Created and served as program director at Soul Street. Co-author of The Ultimate Soul Music Trivia Book: 501 Questions and Answers About Motown, Rhythm & Blues and More.


Died: 2015, Liberty Country, Florida

Also known as: Birth name was Russell Glen Bennett

Stations: WTIX New Orleans, KGB, KCBQ San Diego, WKTQ Pittsburgh, WHYI Miami, KDWB Minneapolis, KHYI Dallas, KRIZ Phoenix

Notes: Legendary PD and consultant.


Born: June 30, 1908, Jackson, Mississippi

Died: September 6, 1978, Berrien Springs, Michigan

Also known as: The Ole Swingmaster

Stations: WJJD, WGES, WEAW Chicago

Nicknames: His real name was Arthur Leaner. First to use black street slang on-air. Was also a preacher and a concert promoter.


Born: October 17, 1953, Buffalo, New York

Died: November 7, 2013

Also known as: Birth name was Michael Miller

Stations: WJJL Niagara Falls, New York, WBYR, WUFX Buffalo, New York, CHTZ-FM St. Catharines, Ontario

Notes: Jocked at CHTZ-FM for 15 years after starting as a one-day fill-in. Signed off by saying "Put down the pipe and don't forget to wipe." Died of cancer.


Born: August 18, 1947, West Hartford, Connecticut

Died: March 1, 2015, Toronto

Stations: WBRU, WICE Providence, Rhode Island, WDRC Hartford, WTRY Troy, New York, KRLA Los Angeles, KLIF Dallas, KFMB San Diego, WPHD/WYSL, WKBW Buffalo, New York, WHB Kansas City, WTAE Pittsburgh, CFNY-FM, CKEY, CILQ (Q-107), CHIN-FM Toronto, CING-FM Burlington, Ontario, CIDC Orangeville, Ontario, Virtually All Canadian Network, Toronto, CKDX Newmarket, Ontario.

Notes: The Connecticut native was program director at CFNY-FM from 1987 to 1988 after two years as assistant PD. Served as music director at WKBW. Highly sought after voice-over artist who did imaging for Global and TSN. Veteran of the Toronto rave scene as Dr. Trance. Died of an apparent heart attack.


Died: May 2, 2019

Also known as: Al Bernie Bernstein


Notes: Best known for his many years at WLTW.


Born: September 13, 1932, Endicott, New York

Died: June 26, 2023

Also known as: Birth name was Richard Orlando Biondi, The Wild I-Tralian, The Screamer, The Big Mouth

Stations: WCBA Corning, New York, KVOB, KSYL Alexandria, Louisiana, WHOT Youngstown, Ohio, WKBW, WEBR Buffalo, New York, WLS, WCFL, WMAQ, WBBM-FM, WJMK, WZZN/WLS-FM Chicago, KRLA Los Angeles, WBZ Boston, WSAI Cincinnati

Notes: Estimates he was fired from 23 stations. Was there on the first day when WLS switched to Top 40 on May 2, 1960. Named to the National Radio Hall of Fame in 2008. Featured on Cruisin' 1960 (WKBW). Credited as being the first U.S. jock to play the Beatles.


Born: August 3, 1936, Chicago

Died: September 15, 2013, San Diego

Also known as: Jerry G, Svengoolie (TV character), birth name was Jairus Samuel Ghan

Stations: WNMP Evanston, Illinois, WPGC Washington, D.C., KYW Cleveland, WCFL, WMAQ, WRLL, WFLD-TV Chicago, KPOP, KFMB-TV San Diego. Also worked in Rockford, Illinois, and Springfield, Illinois.

Notes: Spent more than 40 years in radio and TV. While at KYW toured with the Beatles as a reporter in 1964 and 1965. Hosted "Screaming Yellow Theatre", a horror film show on WFLD-TV from 1970 to 1973, where he was "Svengoolie." He and his character were inducted into the Horror Hall of Fame in 2011. Won three Emmy awards and a National Press Club Award in his 12 years hosting "Sun Up San Diego", a weekday morning talk show. Got his radio surname Bishop from a phone book.


Born: July 3, 1940, Philadelphia

Died: January 20, 2023, Philadelphia

Also known as: The Geater With The Heater, The Big Boss With The Hot Sauce, The Number One Cat, Birth name was Gerald Joseph Blavat


Notes: Began as a dance on American Bandstand in 1952. Became a DJ in 1960 and had a nationally syndicated dance show,  "Discophonic Scene" and talk show "Jerry's Place." Co-owner of Crimson Records until the late '60s. Spent parts of eight  decades behind the mic or on stage. Enshirned into the Broadcst Pioneers of Philadelphia Hall of Fame and the Philadelphia Music Alliance's Walk of Fame.


Born: April 10, 1929, Los Angeles

Died: July 19, 2021

Stations: KGAN KIngman, Arizona (DJ), KTKT Tucson (PD), KFWB Los Angeles (programmer)

Notes: Created KFWB "Color Radio" in 1958, which received an astounding 30 share at its height in a very crowded market. Founded Chuck Blore Creative Services in 1963. Won 400 major broadcasting advertising awards.


Born: February 3, 1903, Los Angeles

Died: September 18, 1967, Englewood, New Jersey

Stations: KFWB Los Angeles, WNEW, WABC, WOR New York, CBS Radio

Notes: The first deejay to be a star in his own right, Block made his show "Make Believe Ballroom" a New York institution. Co-wrote the 1941 Glenn Miller hit "Guess I'll Have To Dream The Rest." Block was named to the Radio Hall of Fame in 1988. Remembered for his trademark phrase, "For you and only you."


Born: April 8, 1932, Montreal

Died: April 7, 1972, Toronto

Stations: CKSL London, Ontario, CKLC Kingston, Ontario, CHUM, CKEY, CHIN, CKFM Toronto, CFCF Montreal

Notes: Was morning man at both of Toronto's rock 'n' roll giants, CHUM and CKEY in the late '50s and '60s.Wrote several joke books and had an international joke service for disc jockeys. Died of a heart attack on the eve of his 40th birthday.


Died: September 15, 2015

Stations: WQXI Atlanta, WOWO Fort Wayne, WHK Cleveland, KXYZ Houston, WFUN Miami, WBBQ Augusta, Georgia, WKIX Raleigh, North Carolina

Notes: Was operations manager and program director at WKIX. Died of aneurysm.


October 11, 1937

Died: March 30, 2016, Texas

Stations: WWJ Detroit, KQV Pittsburgh, KLIF, KFJZ, KBOX Dallas, KBEC Waxahatchie, Texas

Also known as: On-air name was Johnny Dark. Birth name was John Mac Borders.

Notes: Program director at KQV from December 1967 to September 1968. After leaving KQV, he became national program director of the Texas State Network stations. He later went into management and ownership, buying his first station in 1973. Voice of TM Stereo Rock. Founded Sunburst Media in Dallas in the '90s. Inducted into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame in 2004. Died of pancreatic cancer.


Died: January 12, 2001, Edmonton

Stations: CKPG Prince George, B.C., CJCA, CFRN Edmonton, KFXM San Bernardino, California, KCBQ San Diego

Also known as: "Bouncing" Barry Boyd

Notes: Started in radio in the '50s in Prince George, B.C. This highly popular deejay also released a number of 45's. Died of complications from surgery.


Died: June 22, 2013, Lake St. Louis, Missouri

Stations: WWOL Buffalo, New York, WCAU Philadelphia, WROW Albany, New York, WBZ Boston, WHN, WNEW-AM, WYNY New York, KMOX, WIVB, KTRS St. Louis

Notes: Known for his humour, the native of Rochester, New York, did both music and talk shows. Suffered from emphysema late in life. Died at the age of 79.


Died: August 19, 2013, Los Angeles area

Stations: WPHD, WYSL, WBUF Buffalo, New York, owned Calcomm Stations Oregon, operator of KQCB Seaside, California. Also owned KCBQ-FM Cannon Beach, Oregon, and KSWB-AM Seaside, Oregon.

Notes: Original "free-form" announcer on WYSL-FM. Did a show called "Night Train" on KQCB. Grew up in Buffalo. Died of liver and renal failure.


Born: August 21, 1946, Toledo, Ohio

Died: June 5, 2014, Perrysburg, Ohio

Also known as: Big Jim Brady, Mark Richards (on CKLW), birth name was Jim Felton

Stations: WTOL, WCWA, WRVF-FM, WRQN-FM Toledo, Ohio, WLYV Fort Wayne, Indiana, WKLO Louisville, Kentucky, CKLW Windsor, Ontario, CFTR, CJCL Toronto, CFGM Richmond Hill, Ont.ario, CFRW Winnipeg, CHQR, CHRY Calgary, KOPA Phoenix, KLAC Los Angeles, KLUV Las Vegas, WBAP Fort Worth, Texas

Notes: Perhaps best known for his eight years (1973-1981) hosting "Brady in the Morning" at CFTR. Known for his characters and bits that included "The Weather Faerie", "The Song of Inspiration", "Captain Inspiration" and "The Garbage Song." Retired from radio after a 44-year career in 2008 to focus on real estate, but was diagnosed with colorectal cancer two years later.


Died: October 19, 2010, Albany, New York

Stations: WBNY Buffalo, New York, WTLB Utica, New York, WPTR Albany, New York, WABY-AM Mechanicville, New York

Also known as: Birth name was Joseph Charles Motto; was Ronnie Victor at WBNY

Notes: Trademark was his dark glasses, velvet clothes and a big Cadillac. Owned WMVI (now WABY-AM) Mechanicville, New York. Native of Utica, New York, Died at the age of 82.


Died: December 20, 2020

Also known as: Dan The Music Man

Stations: WVOK, WBAM Birmingham, Alabama, WAPE Jacksonville, Florida, WFLI Chattanooga, Tennessee

Notes: Produced many "Shower of Stars" multi-act shows and played a part in bringing the Beatles to Jacksonville.


Born: July 19, 1935, Dormont, Pennsylvania

Died: August 24, 2018, Plano, Texas

Stations: WAND Canton, Ohio, WELI New Haven, Connecticut, WJW Cleveland, KQV, WFFM/WHYW/WMYG Pittsburgh, KOGO San Diego, KLUV Dallas, KAAM Garland, Texas, KGVL Greenville, Tex.

Notes: Was at KQV for 12 years (1960-1972), part of the "Fun Lovin' Five", longest of any personality at the station. Music director at both KVQ and WTAE. Spent 17 years (1988-2005) at KLUV-FM where he was program host and PD. PD at WFFM/WMYG. Inducted into the Pittsburgh Rock 'N' Roll Legends Class of 2007. Suffered from Parkinson's Disease.


Born: 1934, Louisville, Kentucky

Died: October 26, 2020, Louisville, Kentucky

Also known as: King B, birth name was Ron Magel

Stations: WSAI Cincinnati. WHK Cleveland, WCFL (twice). WIND, WLS-FM, WJMK, WTMX, WRLL, Satellite Music Network, also worked in Kentucky, West Virginia and New Jersey

Notes: Jocked in 21 stations in 11 cities, but is best known for his work in Chicago. Known for his "theatre of the mind" approach, which involved many characters. His "Subterranean Circus" progressive rock show was very popular. Had a 72 per cent audience share at WSAI in the early '60s. Took his own life a week after his wife of 62 years died.


Born: January 31, 1950

Died: August 15, 2017, Exeter, Ontario

Stations: CJOE, CJBK, CKSL London, Ontario

Notes: Later moved to Grand Bend, Ontario, on Lake Huron. Delved into real estate, owned and operated a bar and worked as a regional manager for a properties company.


Born: January 31, 1949

Died: June 28, 2015, Pineville, Louisiana

Also known as: Dr. Brock, Doc Brock, Rick Shannon

Stations: KFNV Ferriday, Louisiana, WNAT Natchez, Mississippi, WPJB, WGNG Providence, Rhode Island, WRBC Jackson, Mississippi, WINZ Miami, WAYS Charlotte, Nprth Carolina, WCFL Chicago, KSTP St. Paul, Minnesota, KAAY, KKYK Little Rock, Arkansas, WNOE New Orleans, KOOJ Baton Rouge, Louisiana, WKQL Jacksonville, Florida.

Notes: One of the great screamers of Top 40 radio, he billed himself as the "Ugliest Mutha in Rock 'n Roll." Spent 42 years in radio. Suffered from pulmonary fibrosis.


Died: October 24, 2003, San Antonio, Texas

Stations: KOKE Austin, Texas, KMPC, KHJ, KRTH, KDAY Los Angeles, KKYK, KBAT, KBER, KONO San Antonio, Texas, KCBQ San Diego

Notes: Brown also owned WBGR Lexington, Kentucky, was general manager at WPRS Paris, Illinois and was general sales manager at WTHI in Terre Haute, Indiana. Died of a heart attack.


Died: October 9, 2011, Lake Hopacong, New Jersey

Stations: WCLB Camilla, Georgia, KXO El Centro, California, Far East Network (Japan), KGB San Diego, WOR-FM, WCBS-FM New York

Notes: Native of Lawrenceville, Georgia. Program director at the Far East Network (Japan). Was at WCBS-FM for 36 years, mostly in middays, from 1969 to 2005. Program director at WCBS-FM for about four years beginning in 1974. He was the final deejay on WCBS-FM before they went to the Jack format; it was also his last air shift. Known for his "Brown Bag" lunch-time specials. Died at the age of 69.


Born: May 5, 1924, Collingswood, New Jersey

Died: March 20, 2005, The Bronx

Also known as: His birth name was Theodore David Brown

Stations: WMGM, WNEW-AM, WNBC New York, WRIV Riverhead, New York, WVNJ Oakland, New Jersey

Notes: His theme was "Am I blue? No, I'm Brown/Got a smile on my puss, not a frown/Every morning/We play discs and commit general crime." Died of complications from a stroke suffered in 1996. He kept his age private, but was in his '80s when he died. Got his first taste of broadcasting at dance when a master of ceremories failed to show up. Hosted four TV games shows. Voice of the New York Giants for a while and also appeared on NBC's Monitor. Spent 18 months as a POW in the Second World War. Subbed for Bob Smith in 1954-55 on the Howdy Doody Show as Bison Bill after Smith was felled by a heart attack.


Born: August 8, 1939

Died: March 3, 1988

Also known as: The Chucker

Stations: KHJ, KGBS, KFI Los Angeles, WMCA New York, KFRC, K-101 San Francisco, WFIL Philadelphia, CKLW Windsor, Ontario, WHBQ Memphis, KTSA San Antonio, KRUX, KUPD Phoenix, KCBQ San Diego, WMYQ Miami, WYDE Birmingham, Alabama

Notes: There are many great tales about Chuck Browning. Once, at KGB, when a cart machine malfunctioned, he gave it away to the fourth caller. When crossing into Windsor from the U.S., a border guard asked him if he had anything to declare. His answer "Yeah, war. If you don't stop hassling me I'm going to shoot holes in the Windsor Tunnel and turn it into a car wash."


Born: August 27, 1942, Alexandria, Egypt

Died: August 11, 2016

Stations: Radio Caroline, Radio England, CKFH, CHUM-FM, CILQ (Q-107) Toronto, CBC, TVOntario

Notes: Played the character Ryerson on the All-Night Show on CFMT (Channel 47) in the early '80s. Hosted the long-running UFO radio program, Strange Days. Died of lung infection.


Died: 1997

Stations: CKXL, CHFM Calgary, CHED, KING-FM, Power 92 Edmonton

Notes: Was PD at all of the above stations except CKXL and CHED.


Born: August 30, 1908

Died: February 9, 1964

Stations: WHOM, WOV New York, KSAN San Francisco, KALI Los Angeles

Also known as: Real name was William Stevens Bryant.

Notes: Complained about Alan Freed sounding black, which stirred up much controversy. First black host of a network radio show, "Night Life", on CBS in 1946. Had ABC network TV show from Flame Bar in Detroit in 1956. Elected to the honorary title of "Mayor of Harlem" in 1952, replacing Bill "Mr. Bojangles" Robinson.


Born: March 8, 1912

Died: November 29, 1997, Buffalo, New York

Also known as: Buehly

Stations: WGR, WBEN Buffalo, New York

Notes: Buehlman spent nearly a half-century in Buffalo radio, first at WGR in 1931 and later at WBEN starting in 1942. He retired in 1977, surviving WBEN's transition to MOR Top 40. "Yours Truly Buehly" died at age 85 after a long illness. Member of the Buffalo Broadcasting Hall of Fame. Only one of four WBEN morning men in the 20th century.


Died: November 16, 1990, New York

Stations: WINS New York

Notes: Played first Beatle record at WINS. Part of the legendary WINS deejay lineup of the '50s and '60s, he successfully made the transition to radio news when WINS switched to an all-news format in 1965. Spent some 40 years at WINS. Died of cancer at the age of 63.


Died: March 26, 2008, Maricopa, Arizona

Also known as: Birth name is Scott Gary Burton

Stations: KFRC, KNBR San Francisco, WHK Cleveland, WDGY Minneapolis, WWDC Washington, D.C., KSD St. Louis, KFMB San Diego, KSTM, KTAR Phoenix, KVI Seattle

Notes: Died at age 71 of cancer. Founded Scott Burton Media of Scottsdale, Arizona, in 1992.


Born: 1954

Died: January 27, 2022

Also known as: The Byrdman

Stations: WJES Johnstown, South Carolina, WLOE, WCBX Eden, South Carolina, WAPE Jacksonville, Florida, WIXY, WGCL-FM, WZZP-FM, WHK Cleveland, WAIR Winston-Salem, North Carolina, WNBC, WPIX-FM, WKHK, WQHT-FM New York, WASH-FM, WRQX Washington, D.C., VH-1, WEAT-FM, WAYS Charlotte, North Carolina,

KKFR Phoenix, Arizona, VCMG Live True Oldies Channel 95.9 Palm Beaches, Florida

Notes: Started in radio at age 15 by walking into WJES Johnstown, South Carolina and asking for a job. Worked for 20 years in the #1 market, and one-and-a-half years at VH-1. Had an unheard of 42 share at WAPE. Created his own voice-over business. Died of pneumonia at age 68.