Rock Radio Heaven (S)


Born: November 16, 1938, Kansas City, Missouri

Died: December 10, 2005, The Dalles, Oregon

Also known as: Birth name was Richard Arnold Middleton, used Dick Middleton at KBZY

Stations: KBZY Salem, Oregon, KFLY, KLOO Corvallis, Oregon, WLS, WCFL Chicago, KFRC San Francisco, KGB San Diego, KIIS, KHJ, KRLA Los Angeles, KEX, KWGG, KISN Portland, Oregon, KGB San Diego, WIFE Indianapolis, KFMS Las Vegas

Notes: During his career, he also served as program director and station manager. Named number-one disc jockey in California in the '70s by California Disc Jockey Association. Long-time member of the Screen Actors Guild. Sainte played the trombone and was once a vocalist for Les Browne and his Band. Knowledge of music was said to be encyclopedic. Won a gold album for his contributions in producing a million-selling album for the group Chicago. Said R&R Smooth Jazz Editor Carol Archer (former KFRC): "He was a great jock, and even a better person." Died of natural causes related to diabetes.


Died: February, 1978, Nashville, Tenn.

Also known as: "Jumpin' Jack"; Birth name was James Dale Spence

Stations: KLTI Fort Worth, Texas, KGKO Dallas, KEEL Shreveport, Louisiana, WAKY Louisville, Kentucky, also worked in Moultrie, Gerogia

Notes: Voted "America's Greatest Disc Jockey of the Year" by Movie Mirror Magazine in 1960. Had his first radio gig at age 15 while still in high school. Known for his bizarre on-air promotions, like broadcasting in a bubble underwater at a swimming pool. Most listened to deejay in Louisville in his time. A leader in the Louisville music scene, Sanders established several record labels, recording studios, talent agencies and booking agencies. Left Louisville for Nashville where he worked as road manager for Hank Williams, Jr. Owned and operated the Spotland Company, one of Nashville's most successful advertising agencies. Died at age 45 from liver disease and complications of pneumonia.


Born: 1934

Died: June 19, 2020

Also known as: The Famous Jim Sands, birth name was Jim Samprako

Stations: WLOB, WJAB, WLBM Portland, Maine, WNBC New York, WBZ, WHDH, WRKO, WODS (Oldies 93) Boston, Koffee FM Cape Cod, Massachusetts, WCBM Baltimore

Notes: Best known for his "Oldies by Request" show on WHDH. Died at age 86.


Born: July 3, 1946, Ventura, California

Died: September 8, 1992, McHenry, Illinois

Also known as: Birth name was Steven Michael Sandoz

Stations: KEZY, KGBS, KROQ, KIIS, KGBS, KKDJ, KWIZ Los Angeles, WJJD, WAIT Chicago, KTEE, Idaho Falls, Idaho, WFLB Fayetteville, North Carolina, XTRA Mexico, WSB Atlanta, KVEN Ventura, California, KACY Oxnard, California, KEZL San Diego, AFN Vietnam

Notes: Had production company in early '80s. Died of a heart attack.


Died: May 10, 2024

Stations: WBFO-FM, WYSL-FM, WWOL, WUWU, WEBR, WGRF-FM (97 Rock) Buffalo, New York

Notes: Known as the Father of Progressive Rock in Buffalo, he also did country, jazz and blues in addition to classic rock. Helped start 97 Rock format and was Was program director at WUWU. Worked for over 40 years in Buffalo radio after getting his start as a student DJ at WBFO-FM. Wrote music and theatre reviews for the Buffalo News and did "Theatre Talk" for radio.


Died: October 8, 1998, Philadelphia

Also known as: Dr. Michael Sarzynski

Stations: WNBC New York, WKXW Trenton, New Jersey, WILK Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, WKPQ Pittsburgh, WFIL Philadelphia

Notes: Died during routine surgery. He was in his late '40s.


Died: January 8, 2012

Also known as: Happiness Harry Scarborough, Ted Bear (KSTN)

Stations: KSTN Stockton, California, KKJO St. Joseph, Missouri, KEPL El Paso, Texas, KMBY, KWAV, KNRY Monterey, California, WDGY, KQRS Minneapolis, KRUX Phoenix, KMEN San Bernadino, California, KYNO Fresno, California, KGB, KCBQ, KPRI San Diego, KIMN, KTLK Denver, KERN Bakersfield, California, KSFX, KIOI San Francisco

Notes: From a January 8, 2012 San Francisco Chronicle radio column by Ben Fong Torres, reporting Scarborough's death:: " friend said he was in his mid-60s and had been in ill health for about eight years, living in a subsidized apartment in Marin County and, more recently, in a van parked near Ocean Beach."


Born: 1948

Died: August 30, 2014, Toronto

Stations: CHOM-FM Montreal, CHUM-FM, Q-107 (CILQ). CHFI-FM, CKFM, CFNY, Talk 640 (CHOG), CIUT Toronto, Energy 108 (CING-FM) Burlington, Ontario

Notes: Director of programming at CHOM-FM in early '70s. Director of programming and operations at CFNY from 1989 to 1991. Hosted Nightmusic show on TVO. Featured on the television shows Liberty Street, Swann and The Execution of Raymond Graham.


Died: December 2, 1996, Meadville, Pennsylvania

Also known as: Daddy, Your Uptown Irish Doodle Boy, Your Country Cousin, Dirty Old Man, Sweet Old Shanty Irishman, Birth name was Manus C. Scott

Stations: WHJB Greensburg, Pennsylvania, KQV, WEEP Pittsburgh, WIXY Cleveland (as newsman)

Notes: Started at KQV in 1942 and was the only jock kept on when the station switched to Top 40 January 1, 1958. Left KQV around May, 1968. Native of Brookline, Pennsylvania. Died at age 77.


Died: June 18, 2011

Stations: CFOX, CHMJ Vancouver, CHDI (Sonic 102.9), CKER (101.7 World FM) Edmonton

Notes: Son of CFOX, WPTR and Capital Radio London deejay Roger Scott. Native of Hammersmith, London, England.


Born:  December 19, 1938, Louisiana

Died: June 7, 2008, Houston

Also known as: Birth name was B. Michael Belile

Stations: KONO San Antonio, KLIF Dallas, KCBQ San Diego, KFRC San Francisco, WJBK Detroit, KQUE, KNUZ, KILT Houston

Notes: Twice Billboard's Country Music Personality of the Year. Member Texas Radio Hall of Fame. Successful programmer, producer and voice talent who operated recording studio in Houston.


Born: October 23, 1943, London

Died: October 31, 1989

Also known as: Bob Baker (at BBC Radio 1 in 1973)

Stations: WPTR Albany, New York, CFOX Montreal, UBN (closed circuit station for United Biscuits factories in U.K.), BBC Radio 1, Capital Radio London

Notes: Participated in the recording of "Give Peace a Chance" by John Lennon and Yoko Ono during their "Bed-in" for peace at the Queen Elizabeth Hotel in Montreal. Was at Capital Radio for 15 years beginning in 1973, with features like "The Three O'Clock Thrill", "Hitline" and his Friday oldies show "Cruising." Died of cancer.


Born: July 11, 1932, Detroit

Died: January 17, 1986, Evanston, Illinois

Stations: WCFL, WLS, WIND. WMAQ, WMJK-FM Chicago, WXYZ Detroit, WINS New York, KYW Cleveland, KLAC Los Angeles, also worked in Dallas and New Haven, Connecticut

Notes: Died after a long bout with pneumonia and colon cancer.


Born: January 9, 1945

Died: March 11, 1997

Stations: KFJZ, KLIF, KNUS, KVIL, KXOL, KCWM-FM, KPLX, KIXK Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, KNET Palestine, Texas, KBEC Waxahachie, Texas

Notes: Was program director at KNUS while doing a noon-2 p.m. show. Did some of the artwork on KLIF's music charts.


Born: March 8, 1926, Detroit

Died: April 17, 2020, San Antonio, Texas

Also known as: The Robin, Bobbin' With The Robin

Stations: Armed Forces Network, WJBK-AM Detroit, WKMH Dearborn, Michigan, CKLW Windsor, Ontario

Notes: Started working for 90 cents an hour at WKMH in 1947. Named "Disc Jockey of the Year" by Billboard in 1953. Hosted the youth-oriented TV dance shows "Teen Time" (later "Swingin' Time") until the early '70s. Left WKMH for CKLW in 1965. Owned a successful Los Angeles video production after leaving Detroit and radio in 1980. Featured on the 'Cruisin '56" album. Frequent attendee at the Detroit radio reunions. Wrote his memoir "The Man Who Launched 1,000 Hits" the year before he died.


Died: May 7, 2006, Florida

Also known as: Birth name was Dave Schiefer

Stations: CKLW, CKLW-FM Windsor, Ontario, WJBK Detroit (as Jack the Bellboy), WCAR, WOMC, WCZY Detroit, also worked in Dover, Delaware, and Tucson, Arizona

Notes: One of the few deejays who worked at CKLW in both the Big 8 and pre-Big 8 eras. Was program director at CKLW, CKLW-FM, WCAR, WOMC and WCZY. The native of Rochester, New York, retired to Florida in 1992. He died of complications from sinus surgery at age 73.


Born: April 10, 1953, Camp LeJeune AFB North Carolina

Died: July 17, 2015, Michigan

Also known as: Birth name was Margaret Reichl; full on-air name was Shana LiVigni

Stations: KWBB Wichita, KFRC San Francisco, KHJ, KEZY, KROQ, KLOS, KLSX, KPCC, KCBS-FM Los Angeles

Notes: Learned English from cartoons like Felix the Cat and Casper. First female jock at both KFRC and KHJ.


Died: February 16, 2021, Richmond, Virginia

Also known as: Birth name was Maxwell Ronald Shane Gibson

Stations: KFWB Los Angeles, WCOG Greensboro, North Carolina, KFBB, KUDA Great Falls, Montana, KGEZ Great Falls, Montana, WPYR Danville, Virginia, KGA Spokane, Washington, KMAK Salt Lake City, WKBW/WWKB, WYSL, WGR Buffalo, New York, CHSC St. Catharines, Ontario, WLEE-AM-FM Richmond, Virginia.

Also known as: The Cosmic Cowboy, Shane Brother Shane, Birth name was Ron Gibson

Notes: Rated #1 jock in the U.S. at KUDA in 1965. Came to Buffalo via "The Great American Talent Hunt" in 1973 - he finished second but got hired a few months later after the first-place finisher flamed out. Left radio and joined the PGA in 2002, serving as a golf instructor. Was program director at WCOG and WGR. Ran and lost in runs for Buffalo Common Council and New York State Senate under his real name Ron Gibson. Died of a heart attack at age 78.


Died: May 26, 2021, Salinas, California

Stations: WXRA, WGR, WKBW AM-TV, WHTT-FM Buffalo, N.Y. CKLW Windsor, Ont., KHOW, KLZ, KWGN-TV Denver, WTWR, WMJC, WJBK Detroit

Notes: His theme song, "Wild Weekend" by the Rockin' Rebels, was co-written by him and group member Phil Tordado. It reached #8 on the Billboard Hot 100 and sold more than a million copies. Played major part in "96 Tears" by Question Mark and the Mysterians becoming a major hit.  In 1969, he was on-the-air for some 26 hours a week between radio and TV. Closing line was, "And above and beyond all else ... later." Member of the Buffalo Broadcasting Hall of Fame.


Born: December 16, 1948. Syracuse, New York

Died: June 28, 2023

Also known as: Birth name was Don Bombard

Stations: WOLF, WNDR Syracuse, New York, WKTQ Pittsburgh, WYNY, WCBS-FM New York, WLNG Sag Harbour, New York, WWZY Long Branch, New Jersey

Notes: Was program director at WNDR. Was at WCBS-FM, mostly in afternoon drive, for more than a-quarter century before leaving the station in 2011 because of an undisclosed illness. His book "Behind The Hits" - co-written with John Javna - is a must for oldies fans.


Died: January 26, 2015

Stations: KWIZ, KFI, KHJ, KLAC, KRTH Los Angeles, KRUX, KUTY Palmdale, California, KDWB Minneapolis, KJR, KING Seattle, WIXY Cleveland, KDKA Pittsburgh, KXOK St. Louis, KCBQ San Diego

Notes: Last jock on KHJ before the switch to country. Started "The Actor's Workshop" in Orange Country, California, in the 1980s. Used his birth name R.J. Adams in acting. Had a regular role on Riptide, and appeared frequently on Hill St. Blues, Murder She Wrote and Hotel. Was in eight major films including Rocky IV. Died of a massive heart attack while working on film project in Pennsylvania. The native of St. Catharines, Ontario, was 67.


Died: October 27, 2015

Also known as: Solid Gold Shannon

Stations: KONO-AM-FM, WOAI-AM-FM, KAJA (KJ-97), KTFM, KSMG (MAGIC 105.3), KTSA San Antonio, WOR-FM, WXLO (99X), KNOW, KEYI Austin, Texas, KILT-AM-FM Houston

Notes: Spent 45 years on-and-off in San Antonio radio, the last 10 years of his life as a reporter at KTSA. Member of Texas Radio Hall of Fame. Died of liver cancer at age 70.


Born: December 22, 1947, England

Died: December 26, 2018, St-Jérôme, Québec

Also known as: Birth name was Steven Castonguay, born to a British mother and a French-Canadian carpenter father stationed in England, post-WW2

Stations: CFOX Montréal, CFTR Toronto, CKGM Montréal (4 different occasions, 1970s and mid-'80s), CHAM Hamilton, CKTB, CJQR, CHTZ St. Catharines, CHVR Pembroke, CJMO Moncton, CKXL Calgary, CKNG Edmonton, CIMA Vancouver

Notes: Had radio school and broadcast consultancy in Montréal for many years. His final radio project saw him fulfilling a lifelong dream of having his own radio station when in 2013, he became the Owner/CBO/GM/Programmer/Morningman/Salesman and Janitor of tiny FM outlet CHLW, Barriere, in the B.C. interior. Died of cancer four days after his 71st birthday, at St-Jérôme Hotel Dieu Hospital in the Laurentians region of Québec.


Died: June 22, 1998, San Rafael, California

Also known as: His real name was Hugh Silvas

Stations: KIMN Denver, KILT Houston, KLIF Dallas, WOR-FM, WXLO New York, KQV Pittsburgh, KFRC, KYUU, KIOI San Francisco, KOIL Omaha, Nebraska, KNX-FM Los Angeles, KEZY San Bernardino, California

Notes: Shaw, who his widow reports lived drug, smoke and alcohol free, died at 53 of an aortic aneurysm. A licensed pilot.


Born: October 24, 1938, East St. Louis, Illinois

Died: September 22, 2017, Cooper City, Florida

Also known as: Birth name was James Hummel

Stations: WAMV East St. Louis, Missouri, KLOI Omaha, Nebraska, KICN Denver, WCKR-WIOD, WQAM, WINZ, WBBG-FM, WMXJ (Magic 102.7), WLBW-TV Miami, WAXY-FM Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Notes: Spent 51 years in radio. Credited with being the first to play the Beatles in south Florida. Hosted "Saturday Hop" and "The Rick Shaw Show" on WLBW-TV. For the last 46 years of his career, signed off every show with Ray Peterson's Goodnight My Love. Died at the age of 78.


Born: 1919

Died: February, 1993

Also known as: Birth name was James S. Undercoffer

Stations: WIBC Indianapolis

Notes: Top DJ at WIBC (during Top 40 era) 1955-1966 remained with station in sales after that. His "Pick-A-Pocket" was a WIBC favourite. Worked at WIBC for 50 years and never missed a day of work in due to illness. From 1947 to 1978 was a Turn 4 reporter for the Indianapolis Radio Network. Died, while on vacation, of heart failure at 73.


Born: July 10, 1916, Brooklyn, New York

Died: May 9, 1983, Coconut Creek, Florida

Also known as: The Crown Prince of Rock 'N' Roll

Stations: WINS, WEVD New York

Notes: Was Alan Freed's fill-in (hence the nickname), perhaps the ultimate relief job in radio. Worked at WINS for 38 years starting in 1943. Was announcer, reporter and anchor when the station went all-news in 1965 to his retirement in 1981.


Died: November 7, 2004

Also known as: The Bostonian; birth name was Sherman Thomas Asbell

Station: WJLB, WPGR, WXYZ, WCHB Detroit

Notes: Was also a club DJ in Detroit. Died at the age of 62. Suffered from cancer.


Born: July 7, 1954

Died: May 16, 2007, Hamilton, Ontario

Also known as: Nicknamed "Sparky", Birth name was Robert William Sherwin

Stations: CJBK London, Ontario, CHSC St. Catharines, Ontario, CKOC, CHML Hamilton, Ontario, CKNS Caledonia, Ontario

Notes: Spent nearly a-quarter century at CKOC, much of it in mornings, from 1978 to 2001. Studied at Mohawk College in Hamilton before taking a radio job in Trail, B.C. Nicknamed "Sparky" after former Detroit Tigers manager Sparky Anderson (Sherwin was a huge Tiger fan). Died of a heart attack.


Died: April 2, 2009

Stations: WBRY Waterbury, Connecticut, WLIS Old Saybrook, Connecticut, WLNG Sag Harbour, New York

Notes: The Brooklyn-born Sidney joined WLNG in 1963 and never left. He became the station's program manager in late 1964, later became vice-president, general manager and station president. He lived for his station, did literally thousands of remotes, and above and beyond all else kept the station local and a vital presence in the community. His station's buses, decorated with a mural of the station's personalities riding a bicycle, became a regular sight beginning in the '70s on Long Island. Sidney's station featured a wide playlist, classic PAMS jingles, and plenty of personality. Sidney was named to the New York State Broadcasters Association Hall of Fame in 2007. Died of leukemia at age 69.


Born: 1944, Charleston, South Carolina

Died: January 28, 2015

Also known as: Birth name was Gilmore LaMar Simms, Hot Toddio on the Radio (WTMA), Doc Frail (KRLA)

Stations: WTMA, WONO Charleston, South Carolina, KONO, KTSA San Antonio, WMBR Jacksonville, Florida, WLOF Orlando, Florida, WJBK Detroit, WSHO New Orleans, WIST Charlotte, North Carolina (also as PD), WGCL, WKYC Cleveland, WPOP Hartford, WMYQ Miami, KCBQ San Diego, KRLA, KROQ, KTNQ, KMET Los Angeles, KKUA, KORL, KPOI, KDUK Honolulu, KFOG, KYA, KISQ-FM San Francisco, WLVE Miami, KKIS Concord, California, KPRQ Rohnert Park, California, KOOL Phoenix.

Notes: By his count, he worked at 35 stations in 22 markets and was fired 25 times because ``I never took an insult from anyone.`` His "Lee Baby" nickname was given to him by KONO PD Woody Roberts. Wrote "Time" for the Pozo-Seco Singers. Died at the age of 72 of suicide. He had been suffering from cancer.


Died: November 2, 2002, near Centralia, Washington

Also known as: The Simonizer, B.S. in the Great Northwest

Stations: KEED Springfield, Oregon, KAYE Puyallup, Washington, KORD Pasco, Washington, KOL, KJR, KZOK-FM, KYYX Seattle, KNEW Spokane, Washington, KTAC Tacoma, Washington, KISN Portland, Oregon, WIFE Indianapolis

Notes: Had four different stints at KJR. Died in car crash at the age of 65.


Died: January 29, 2004, Qualicum, B.C.

Stations: CHOV Pembroke, Ontario, CJLX Port Arthur/Fort William, Ontario, CKPT Peterborough, Ontario, CKEY Toronto, CJOE London, Ontario, CKLG Vancouver, KRIZ Phoenix, STAR-FM Chilliwack, B.C., WOHO Toledo, Ohio

Notes: Was one of the original "Top Cats" at CKLG when they switched to Top 40 on August 22, 1964. Hosted "Royale Windfall" on CHAN-TV Vancouver. Was 64 when he died of cancer.


Born: 1930

Died: June 22, 1992, New York

Also known as: Birth name was Richard J. Sklar

Stations: WPAC Patchogue, New York, WNYC, WINS, WMGM, WABC New York

Notes: Grew up in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. Legendary program director at WABC during its glory years from 1962 to 1977. Kept the station on top of the ratings pile during his entire career there. Sklar was promoted to vice-president of programming for ABC's radio division in 1977, then left ABC in 1984 to start his own radio consultancy business. His story and that of WABC's is told in Sklar's book "Rockin' America." Inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 1993. Died due to a lack of oxygen and other mistakes made by the hospital staff on the operating table during minor foot surgery. The hospital was found to be negligent and fined, and the physician that treated him had her license to practice medicine suspended by the state. Sklar was 62.


Born: January 25, 1921

Died: January, 1978

Also known as: Doctor Jive

Stations: WWRL New York

Notes: One of New York City's leading R&B dee-jays, Smalls started his afternoon (3-5:30 p.m.) WWRL show in 1952. Co-owner of the Stork Club in New York. He had a small record company and was the first to record David Ruffin of the Temptations. His radio career basically ended in 1958 with the payola scandal but by then his place in rock radio history was secure.


Born: 1943, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Died: August 23, 2005, Los Angeles

Also known as: His birth name was Thomas Wayne Rorabacher

Stations: KCBQ San Diego, KING Seattle, KDAY, KRLA, KROQ, KMET, KLOS, KWST, KMGG, KUTE, KTWV, KAJZ/KBJZ, KACD/KBCD, KCBS-FM Los Angeles, WWWW Detroit, WGRD, WODJ Grand Rapids, Michigan

Notes: Used air name Wayne Thomas during early years in Michigan radio. KCBQ PD Gary Allyn gave him the name China Smith in 1969. Was the voice of TV's "Solid Gold" in the 1980s.


Born: February 14, 1956

Died: September 6, 2010, Newmarket, Ontario

Notes: Moderated the popular Southern Ontario/Western New York Radio-TV Forum (SOWNY) from 2001 to 2010. Hosted The SOWNY Show, an online program that featured interviews with radio, television and musical people, from 2007 to 2009. Avid collector of music and radio memorabilia. Suffered from liver disease.


Died: February, 1980

Stations: WCFR Springfield, Vermont (as Bill Peterson), WSVP Providence, Rhode Island, WNHC New Haven, Connecticut, WMEE, WLYV Fort Wayne, Indiana, WLAV-FM Grand Rapids, Michigan (as PD)

Notes: Was PD at WLAV-FM when he died. Native of Ohio.


Died: January 31, 1959, New York

Stations: WINS New York

Notes: Was morning man at WINS for about 15 months (his show was called "A Smith Named Irving"). Died in a car crash at the age of 30.


Born: July 16, 1941, Hamilton, Ontario

Died: September 18, 2017

Stations: CING-FM (FM 108) Burlington, Ontario

Notes: Owned Stardust Records in Hamilton from 1983 until his passing at the age of 76.


Born: November 27, 1942, Grass Valley, California

Died: May 30, 2010, Vancouver

Also known as: The Masked Avocado, Dr. Zingrr, and Walter Wart the Freaky Frog

Stations: KAHI Auburn, California, KHOE Tahoe, Nevada, KOWL South Lake Tahoe, Nevada, KLAV Las Vegas, KMBY Monterey, California, 1966; KJR, KSND, KOL, KVI, KIXI-FM Seattle, KTAC Tacoma, Washington, CFMI-FM, CISL Vancouver, CKMA Abbotsford, B.C,

Notes: Was a highly sought after voice actor who had voice roles in many cartoon and animate TV shows. He once created 20 voices for a single TV spot. Was also a competitive power-lifter, known as "Bench Bozo", who held several records in the masters division. Never said publicly what the "O" stood for. Died of pancreatic and liver cancer at the age of 67.


Born: August 12, 1953

Died: January 11, 2020

Stations: WCCQ Joliet, Illinois, Q 101 (WKQX), Magic 104 (WJMK), Real Oldies 1690 (WRLL)

Notes: Author of five books including "Eight Days a Week." Executive producer of several movies. Long-time investigator of paranormal activity.


Born: April 6, 1934, Montreal

Died: March 6, 2021, Huntsville, Ontario

Stations: CFCF Montreal, CKSF Cornwall, Ontario, CKLB Oshawa, Ontario, CHML Hamilton, Ontario, CKSL London, Ontario, CKLW Windsor, Ontario, CHUM, CFTR, CFRB, CITY-TV, CFMT-TV Toronto

Notes: Known for his signature line, "And here's how things look to Dick Smyth this morning. Spent 18 years at CHUM. First voice on 680 News (CFTR) in 1993.


Died: March 29, 1999, West Virginia

Stations: WCEF Parkersburg, West Virginia, WJBW New Orleans, WAKY Louisville, Kentucky, WOWE New Albany, Indiana

Notes: Recorded song called "Able and Baker", a novelty tune which dealt with two monkeys sent into space. Started Joni Talent Agency in Louisville. Was 63 years old when he died in Parkersville, West Virginia


Born: March 13, 1928, Toronto

Died: January 9, 2012, Toronto

Stations: CHUM, CFRB, CHOG (Talk 640) Toronto, CHIC Brampton, Ontario, CKAR Oshawa, Ontario, CFLY Kingston, Ontario

Notes: Hosted "Speak Your Mind" talk show full-time on CHUM from 1964 to 1970, when he left in the wake of a controversial series of shows he did about sex. The departure led to Solway writing a book called "The Day I Invented Sex." Also wrote (with former investment counsellor Andrew Bertram) the book "Don't Be Blindsided by Retirement", about adjusting to the retirement lifestyle. Solway was a panellist on the CBC shows "Flashback" and "This is The Law." He appeared in the films "Meatballs" and "The Brood" among others and was a stage actor, producer and director. Ran unsuccessfully for the NDP in the 1999 Ontario provincial election. An avid sailor and a piano player, Solway died of complications from bladder cancer.


Died: October 14, 2009, California

Stations: WUFO Buffalo, New York, WGIV Charlotte, North Carolina, WAOK Atlanta, WWRL New York

Also known as: The Soul Server

Notes: Was the DJ voice on the single version of "Payback" by James Brown. Was promotion executive at Reprise and Warner Brothers and rep for Billboard Airplay Monitor. Famously signed off with "I'm gonna take two steps to the rear and get out of here. I'm in the wind New York, Later!"


Born: June 23, 1947, Dallas

Died: October 25, 2005, Dallas

Stations: KAND Corsicana, Texas, KDOK Tyler, Texas, KLIF Dallas, CKLW Windsor, Ontario, as a jock (also programmed KFRC San Francisco, WPLP Tampa Bay, Florida, WYSL Buffalo, New York, KNUS, KKDA Dallas, WSFO-WPLP Tampa, Florida, WPNT Chicago and was operations director of KRLD Dallas.) Consulted over 30 radio stations and groups in multiple formats.

Also known as: On-air he used the name Hal Martin.

Notes: His stations won Billboard Station of the Year honours three times and he was named Billboard Program Director of the Year twice. In 1976, he produced the first satellite broadcast from Australia for the U.S. Bicentennial celebrations. Co-created The Amber Plan, a radio alert system to aid in the search for missing children. In 2002, won the Service to America award as bestowed by the National Association of Broadcasters. Induced into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame in 2004. Has produced literally hundreds of commercials and news segments for radio and television. Was much in demand as a public speaker and emcee. He even did magic: at age 15 he was Texas State Champion Magician. Died at of cancer.


Born: September 15, 1921, Brooklyn

Died: March 8, 1994, Mineola, New York

Also known as: Your Main Man Jake

Stations: WJJD Chicago, WMCA, WNBC, WHN, WCBS-FM New York, WHLI-AM Hempstead, New York also worked in West Virginia and Albany, New York

Notes: His famous sign-off was "Look out street, here I come." Hosted Saturday night oldies show on WCBS-FM. Was a U.S. Army Sergeant and a veteran. His daughter Chri was the inspiration for the Four Seasons naming their song Sherry. He suffered a heart attack and died while on the air at WHLI.


Born: January 4, 1937

Died: December 16, 2008, Toronto

Also known as: Birth name was John Caleb Spragge

Stations: CHUM, CFRB Toronto, CFCA, CKKW, CKCO-TV

Notes: Did mid-mornings at CHUM from 1958 to 1968. Was program director at CFRB from 1972 to 1985. Was a public speaker and consultant. Devoted a great deal of his life to charity work. Died at age 71 of cancer.


Born: 1935, Bessemer, Alabama

Died: November 6, 2007, Lake Forest, Illinois

Also known as: Birth name was Jimmy Pearson Staggs

Stations: KYW Philadelphia, WYDE Birmingham, Alabama, WOKY Milwaukee, WCFL, WMAQ Chicago, WIBG Philadelphia

Notes: Known for his melodic voice, modest demeanour and encyclopedic musical knowledge. His show "Stagg's Starbeat: brought together musicians like Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra and the Beatles. Travelled and wrote about the Beatles during their three U.S. tours. Rose to program director at WCFL. From 1975 to 2000, owned Record City, a Skokie-Illinois,,record store and grew to five Chicago-area locations and two in Florida. Narrated the "Chickenman" series. Was licensed realtor and founded a personal video production company with his wife and daughter. Said: "If all I'm remembered for is radio, what a waste." Died of esophageal cancer.


Died: June 1, 1995

Also known as: The Stanley Steamer

Stations: WLCY Tampa, Florida

Notes: His morning show was the highest-rated in Tampa for years. Worked as spokesman for the Florida State Fair after his radio career ended. Died of heart attack.


Born: January 26, 1937, Brooklyn, New York

Died: September 27, 1995, New York

Nickname: The Nightbird

Stations: WNEW-FM, WNEW-AM, WPIX, WXRK New York

Notes: Generally worked all-night or late-evening shift at WNEW-FM; she was the only deejay to stay when WNEW-FM switched from standards to progressive rock in 1967. First woman named Billboard FM Radio Personality of the Year in 1976. Served as the announcer for "Search For Tomorrow" from 1982 to 1984. Writer, producer and correspondent for CNN's Limelight until 1985. Late in life, she and her sister operated at cat boutique, "Just For Cats". Died of stomach cancer.


Born: April 1, 1936, Hollywood, California

Died: August 5, 1997, Hollywood Hills, California

Also known as: Birth name was Donald S. Revert. The "S" stood for Steele (his mother chose it because it sounded more "show-biz."

Stations: KOIL Omaha, KHJ, KIQQ, KTNQ, KRLA, KODJ, KCBS, KRTH Los Angeles, KISN Portland, Oregon, KEWB San Francisco

Notes: Steele is best known for his years at KHJ, where he was an original Boss Jock. His Friday afternoon signoffs were legendary. He also hosted a syndicated oldies show, "Live From the Sixties", that aired in many markets. Often made mention of Tina Delgado (as in "Tina Delgado is alive,  alive!" but took the secret of who she was to the grave. Appeared in several movies as a deejay. Steele died of lung cancer.


Born: July 19, 1947, Chester, Pennsylvania

Died: August 13, 1993, Toronto

Nickname: The Bear

Also known as: Birth name was James Stromberg

Stations: WINX Rockville, Maryland, WNOR Norfolk, Virginia, CHUM, CKEY, CKFM, CJEZ Toronto

Notes: Terry's greatest fame as a radio announcer was during his CHUM years in the '70s and '80s. Died in a freak accident when he fell backwards in the bathroom into an empty bathtub.


Died: September 8, 2004, Vancouver

Stations: CKGM Montreal, CJOB, CKRC, CITI-FM Winnipeg

Also known as: Doc Stone at CKGM, Birth name was Irving Steen

Notes: Winnipeg native got "Doc" nickname while a pharmacy student at the University of Manitoba. Part of CKGM's original on-air lineup when they went on air on December 7, 1959. Was music director at CKRC in addition to being on on-air host.


Born: September 9, 1930, Memphis

Died: January 29, 2000, Detroit

Also known as: The Queen

Stations: WDIA Memphis, WJLB Detroit

Notes: Divorced jazz musician Luther Steinberg then worked as a nurse to support her three kids before winning on on-air job at WDIA.


Born: August 30, 1927, Yorkton, Saskatchewan

Died: May 8, 2020, Kanata, Ontario

Stations: CJFX Antigonish, Nova Scotia, CJAD, CKGM, CFCF Montreal

Notes: While getting his start in radio broadcasting in Antigonish in 1950, Stephens developed his smooth laidback style and ushered in musical groups from the Maritimes such s the Bunkhouse Boys to the airwaves. Later in Montreal, he presented "Club 800" on CJAD often live from Belmont Park in the 1950s most notably, and later, "The VIP Hit Parade Show", on CKGM during the 1960s. Also hosted a television show from Burlington, Vermont, for a time. Mike Stephens was 92.


Died: January 10, 2020, West Chester, Pennsylvania

Also known as: Birth name was Jerome Savatore

Stations: WIBG, WMMR, WCAU-FM, WPEN Philadelphia

Notes: Started in Philly radio at the legendary WIBBAGE, then became program director of free-form WMMR in 1968. Created a disco format for WCAU-FM in 1977, returning to WMMR two years later. Joined Big Bands/standards WPEN until his retirement in 1988. Died of pneumonia at age 85. 


Died: December 28, 2016

Also known as: Birth name was John Laboranti

Stations: WYSP-FM, WMMR, WMGK-FM Philadelphia, WGOE, WRXL Richmond, Virginia, WMYK Moyock, North Carolina

Notes: Spent 45 years in radio. Got his nickname "Bubba John" after doing a series of promotions for a rib restaurant. The native of Deptford, New Jersey, died of cancer at the age of 66.


Born: 1933, Montreal

Died: February 2017

Also known as: Roman Pidwysocky

Stations: CKGM Montreal

Notes: Was part of the original lineup, in afternoon drive, when CKGM debuted December 7, 1959. Interviewed many of the musical stars of the day, including Sam Cooke, Brenda Lee, Chubby Checker and Duane Eddy. Also had a career as a stage impresario, with a day-job in advertising after his on-air days ended. He also contributed editorial columns to publications in Canada, the U.S. and Ukraine. Died at age 84.


Died: January 11, 2012

Also known as: Was Bob Robbin at WHB, full name was Robert (Bob) Thomas Sticht

Stations: WHB Kansas City, Missouri, WLAC, WSIX, WAMB Nashville, WSVT Smyrna, Tennessee (owner)

Notes: Had a syndicated radio show, "The All-Time Greats Parade", co-hosting with Snooky Lanson. Worked as a station announcer in Memphis, Louisville and New Orleans before becoming a rock 'n' roll deejay at WHB. Retired in 2007. The native of Noxapater, Missippippi, died at the age of 83.


Born: 1921, St. Johns, Newfoundland/Labrador

Died: December 21, 2013

Stations: CKGM AM-FM/CHOM Montreal, CKPM Ottawa, CKWW, CJOM Windsor, Ontario, CJON, CHOZ St. Johns, Newfoundland/Labrador, OZ Radio Network, Newfoundland/Labrador, KSWW Wickenburg, Arizona

Notes: Founded the Sunday Herald (precursor to the Newfoundland Herald) in 1946. Moved into radio in 1951 with CJON-AM in 1951, then four years later launched CJON-TV. Many more radio and TV stations would follow, including CKGM-AM and CKGM-FM (later CHOM) and Newfoundland superstation NTV, credited as Canada's first 24-hour TV station in 1972. Also an author, film maker and publisher. Induced into the Canadian Broadcasters Hall of Fame in 2001.


Died: October 15, 2001, Hawai'i Kai

Stations: KNX-FM Los Angeles, WXLX Pittsburgh, KZZP Phoenix, KXTZ Las Vegas, KIKI, KGMZ-FM (Oldies 107.9) Honolulu

Notes: Raised in Los Angeles. Described by his long-time friend and radio consultant Jerry Clifton as "a total radio nut", Stone died in a car accident at the age of 55.


Born: 1914, Glasgow

Died: May 1, 2008

Stations: CHUM Toronto

Notes: Worked in magazines, newspapers and did sportscasting on the CBC before being hired by CHUM to do public relations. He filled in when a regular sportscaster failed to show and stayed on the air, eventually hosting his own show. He did the 2-5 p.m. shift when CHUM became Canada's first Top 40 station in 1957. Left the air in 1959 to become a vice-president at CHUM in charge of promotions and charitable work. Founded the radio program at Humber College in 1972 and also taught at York University and Conestoga College. A well-known promoter and fund-raiser who was president of the Canadian Public Relations Society, he was also a published writer and columnist, a public speaker and an MC. Died at the age of 94. Appeared on CHUM's 50th anniversary reunion show about a year before his death.


Born: May 8, 1924, Omaha, Nebraska

Died: April 13, 1964, Miami Beach, Florida

Also known as: Birth name was Robert Todd Storz

Stations worked at: Programmed many stations as one of the founding fathers of Top 40 radio.

Notes: Grandson of Omaha brewing legend Gottlieb Storz. One of the founding fathers of Top 40 radio. Owned many stations: WTIX-AM New Orleans, KOWH Omaha, Nebraska, WTIX New Orleans, KXOK St. Louis, WHB-AM Kansas City, WDGY Minneapolis-St. Paul, WQAM Miami, KOMA Oklahoma City.


Born: June 16, 1964, Mississauga, Ontario

Died: July 6, 2009, Toronto

Station: CFNY Toronto

Notes: Spent 25 years at CFNY beginning in 1984 and ending with his departure due to corporate "restructuring" in May, 2009. Known for his live-to-air shows from nightclubs and his Thursday night countdown show. Took his own life.


Died: October 22, 2023, Eugene, Oregon

Also known as: Birth name was Dusty Frances Street

Stations: KTIM San Rafael, California, KSAN San Francisco, KWST, KLOS, KROQ, KMET, KLSX Los Angeles, KEDG, KXPT Las Vegas, SiriusXM

Notes: One of the youngest female jocks when she arrived on the scene in 1971. Known for her vast knowledge of music. Her real name was actually Dusty Street, and her father was Emerson Street - they lived on Emerson Street in Palo Alto. Her outspokenness about corporate radio led to her firing at KROQ. Inducted into the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame in 2015. Died at the age of 77.


Born: 1930, Rochester, New York

Died: April 18, 2000, Sacramento, California

Also known as: The Moose, Birth name was Russell Siragusa

Stations: WNDR Syracuse, New York, WKBW Buffalo, KYA, KSFO, KFRC, KNBR, KMPX San Francisco

Notes: Was "pilot" of the "All-Night Flight" on the "Super Freak 1260 (KYA)" in the '60s. The show was an imaginary "flight", featuring sound effects and features relating to that theme. Elected to Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame in 2008. Was a schoolteacher before going into radio. After his radio days, got into photography. Died of heart failure at age 70.


Died: December 25, 2014, Cambridge, Ontario

Stations: WKBW, WGRQ Buffalo, New York

Also known as: Birth name was Stephen Alexander Reid

Notes: Known for his high energy, loud delivery. Supervised the nightclub DJs for Turgeon Restaurants in Buffalo in 1977 (Boardwalk Cafe/Electric Co. Disco, Ali Baba's, Library). One of the first DJs at the Club 747 in Buffalo when it was built in 1975. Later became co-host with the first PM Magazine in Columbus, Ohio. After that he became host of a morning talk show with CBN. Died at age 68 after a 10-year struggle with cancer.


Born: February 24, 1935, New York

Died: May 14, 2024

Stations: WNRC New Rochelle, New York, WBZ Boston, WROW, WTEN-TVWHNC Haven, Connecticut, WFUV, WNEW-AM, WNBC, WPLJ, WYNY New York, WIBC, WISH, WISH TV Indianapolis

Notes: Hosted "Night Light" all-night show on WBZ. There was no format - he just played what he wanted. His cast of characters included Irving the Venus Fly Trap, Earl of Sandwich and Theopolous Q. Waterhouse. He later hosted "Subway", an underground music show. Prpgram director at WBZ. Published three books of peetry. Died at the age of 89.