Rock Radio Heaven (U-V-W)


Born: July 11, 1941, Oxford, England

Died: March 6, 2005, Dartford, England

Also known as: His birth name was Richard Anthony Crispian Francis Prew Hope-Weston; called himself Rick West on-air when he first arrived in the U.S.

Stations: KOL Seattle, KHJ Los Angeles, Radio London, Radio Caroline, Radio Luxembourg, BBC Radio 1, Capitol Radio, Greater London Radio (GLR), Virgin Radio, VH-1 in the U.K.

Notes: Got his air name at KOL after taking the Tommy Vance name that had been intended for another jock. Interviewed an estimated 10,000 guests in his career, including Prince Charles and the Rolling Stones. Died of a heart attack.


Born: 1942, Ohio

Died: September 30, 2012, Parker, Colorado

Also known as: Vernon with a "V" at WNBC Birth name was Robert Vernon Cosart, Jr.

Stations: WIMA ILima, Ohio, WNBC New York, WGAR Cleveland, WRAL-TV, WLFL-TV Raleigh, North Carolina

Notes: News anchor at WRAL-TV from 1989 to 1995, then at WLFL-TV, which became WB-22, from 1995 to 2006. Grew up in Ohio. Died at the age of 70.


Born: March 10, 1953, Baltimore

Died: January 31, 2022, Rochester, New York

Stations: WBBF, WCMF, WRMM, WARM, WLGZ Rochester, New York

Notes: Hosted the Sunday Night Oldies Party at WLGZ.


Died: May 7, 2018, Ridgewood, New York

Also known as: John Robertson (WQXR)

Stations: WCBS-FM, WNEW-FM, WYNY-FM, WNCN-FM, WQCD, WQXR-FM, (92.9) WKTU New York, WTFM Lake Success, New York, WPAT AM-FM Paterson, New York, A-F, WHLI Hempstead, New York, WBAB Babylon, New York, WRNW Briarcliff Manor, New York, WRCR Rampano, New York, WBUD-AM Trenton, New York.

Notes: Did the last show of the album rock format at WCBS-FM and was the first all-night jock in the oldies format there. This versatile jock did many formats, including rock, light rock and classical.


Born: November 7, 1917, Youngstown, Ohio

Died: January 29, 2017, Santee, California

Stations: KXO San Centro, California, KFXM San Bernadino, California, KCBQ San Diego.

Notes: Helped build the Boulder Dam - now the Hoover Dam as a construction worker. Later went into the U.S. Marines. On-air at KCBQ from 1955 to 1970. Broadcast his show from the former transmitter site at Santee, and people would come to watch. He transferred to engineering in 1970, staying at KCBQ until his retirement in 1982.


Born: March 3, 1927, Pittsburgh

Died: August 28, 2013, Charlotte, North Carolina

Also known as: Birth name is Leo Francis Vogel

Stations: WMAQ Chicago, KQV, WJAS Pittsburgh, WDRC Hartford, CKEY Toronto, WKBW, WBNY Buffalo, New York

Notes: Taught in Pittsburgh before going into radio. Earned a gold medal for South Carolina in basketball at the 1998 Senior Olympics. Huge history buff including anything on the Civil War.


Born: December 31, 1939

Died: May 15, 2006, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Also known as: The Love Leader, His birth name was Carl Wehde

Stations: WDRC Hartford, WFIL, WIBG, WIFI, WCAU AM/FM Philadelphia, WSPR-AM Springfield, Massachusetts, WHIL Medford, Massachusetts, WAAB Worcester, Massachusetts, WHAV Haverville, Massachusetts, WORL, WTAO Boston, WCBS-FM New York

Notes: Was the only deejay to accompany the Beatles for their entire 1964 tour, some 35 days, 26 cities and 15,000 miles. His brother, Don Wade, worked at WDRC at the same time he did. Ran the American Academy of Broadcasting from 1970 to 1979. Was Jerry Blavat's announcer on his syndicated TV show. Gave up his school and broadcasting after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Settled in Cape Cod in 1993 but suffered a stroke in 1995 which left with speech problems and loss of the use of his right hand. Died of a heart attack at the age of 66.


Born: December 2, 1957

Died: July 15, 2014

Stations: CKGL Kitchener, Ontario, CHOG, CISS-FM Toronto, CKOC, CHAM, CKLH (K-Lite) Hamilton, GIANT-FM (CIXL) Welland, Ontario

Notes: Spent nearly 19 years at CKOC-CHAM-CKLH beginning in 1986. Actor and extra for films like "Man on the Train", "Mr. Viral", "1-800-MISSING", "My Babysitter's a Vampire" and the TV show "The Border." Worked as a corporate head-hunter after his radio days and also drove a truck. Died of a heart attack.


Died: March 14, 2019

Also known as: Dude Walker, birth name was John Dougherty

Stations: WGMN Millington, Tennessee, WTUP Tupelo, Mississippi, KWOC Poplar Bluff, Missouri, WDXB Chattanooga, Tennessee, WMPS, WLVS, KIX-106 Memphis, CHUM Toronto, WAKY Louisville, WMAQ, WJJD Chicago

Notes: Introduced Memphis to the Beatles and was a major part of the 1960s rock and soul scene in Memphis. Native of Jackson, Tennessee, died four days after undergoing heart surgery after a stroke.


Died: December 18, 2012, Victoria, Australia

Stations: KUTY Palmdale, California, KOL Seattle, KYNO Fresno, California, KFXM San Bernadino, California, KRLA Los Angeles, KRUX Phoenix, 2UW Sydney, Australia, 3DB, 3AK, FOX FM Melbourne, Australia, 6PR Perth, Australia

Notes: Born in New Zealand to an American mother and a British father, Walker came to the U.S. in the mid-'60s when hiring British-sounding jocks was the thing to do (his New Zealand accent was considered close enough). Left the U.S. in 1969 and moved to Australia where he worked at various AM stations and helped establish FM radio. Was first GM at FOX-FM in Melbourne when that station launched in 1980. Left radio to become professor of business at Latrobe University in Victoria.


Born: 1941, New York

Died: September 6, 2013, Florida

Also known as: Birth name was Donald Wehde. His on-air nicknames included "The Swinging Six Plus One", "Don Juan", "Long Don Wade" and "Long John's Other Brother"

Stations: WTID Norfolk, Virgina, WHAV Haverhill, Massachusetts, WORL Boston, WUPY Lynn, Massachusetts, WDRC Hartford, WNOE New Orleans, WKBW Buffalo, New York, CHAM Hamilton, KLIF Dallas, WIBG Philadelphia, KOL Seattle, KTAC Tacoma, Washington, WUSN-FM, WLS Chicago

Notes: Spent 55 years in broadcasting. He and his wife Roma entertained at WLS for 27 years ending in 2012 (they kept the fact they were married a secret until 1998). Brother of Long John Wade. Died of a brain tumour at age 72.


Also known as: The Pear Shape

Stations: WADO, WLIB New York

Notes: Shot to death in 1970.


Born: April 18, 1947, Wichita, Kan.

Died: September 28, 2002, Meza, Ariz.

Also known as: The Godfather of Radio Research; birth name was Thomas Arthur Mueller.

Stations: KLIF Dallas, KIMN Denver, KILT Houston, CKLW Windsor, Ont., KEZY Anaheim, Calif., KRUX Phoenix

Notes: At one time was consultant to over 100 stations - his major successes included KTSA San Antonio, KLIF Dallas and KRIZ and KUPD Phoenix but there were many others. Owned KZKZ Flagstaff, Ariz., from 1980 to 1983. Inducted into the Phoenix Broadcasters Hall of Fame.


Born: 1937

Died: December 9, 1999, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Also known as: Big G

Stations: CKEY, CKFH, CFTR Toronto; WBAB Babylon, New York, KODS Duluth, Minnesota, CJLB Thunder Bay, Ontario

Notes: Did "The Whole Bag" show at CKFH, one of Canada's first progressive rock music shows. Worked in 14 radio markets during 40-year career, including New York, Los Angeles and Honolulu. Nickname "Big G" came from General Foods, a sponsor of one of his early shows. Had voice part in the movie "Jaws". Died at age 62.


Born: January 29, 1930, Italy, Texas

Died: July 30, 2004, Sherman Oaks, California

Also known as: Birth name was Billy John Wardlaw, Nickname was "Butch"

Stations: KBEC Waxahachie, Texas, WAKY Louisville, Kentucky, WRR Arlington, Texas, WPKO Providence, Rhode Island, WPLO Atlanta, KBOX Dallas, KBLA-KBBQ, KRLA, KLAC, KMPC, KUTE-KMPC/FM-KEDG-KLIT-KSCA Los Angeles

Notes: Started in radio at age 15 in Waxahachi, Texas, near his hometown. Programmed WPLO and KBOX. Also programmed KBLA, helping that station transition to a country format as KBBQ. Later became station manager at KBBQ, then at KLAC and went on to become executive VP and then president of Metromedia. Left Metromedia in the early '80s to become president of Gene Autry's Golden West Broadcasters, where he became VP-GM of KMPC. In 1985, Ward bought KUTE for Golden West and a few call-letter changes later it became the first AAA station in Los Angeles as KSCA. Ward retired after the station was sold in 1997 and made into a Spanish-language station. Died of an apparent heart attack at the age of 65.


Born: February 25, 1948, Tennessee

Died: October 7, 2022, Florida

Also known as: Chuck Morgan, The Chucker

Stations: WLOK Memphis (early 60s), Armed Forces Radio Vietnam (1969-70), KERN Bakersfield (1971), KKDJ Los Angeles (1972), CKGM Montreal (1973-74), CHUM Toronto (1975), WQXI-FM Atlanta (1975-76), back to CKGM Montreal (1976), WZZM-FM Grand Rapids (PD 1977), WNCI-FM Columbus (PD 1980), KJR Seattle (1984), WASH-FM Washington DC (PD 1985), KIFM San Diego (PD 1986), KEZR San Jose (Ops Mgr 1986). Later, KVIL Dallas, KXKL Denver, WOLL West Palm Beach, Florida (PM drive and PD) and KJLL Los Angeles (DO & PD). Tom Watson died at the age of 74 from COPD.

Notes: Accolades included a Billboard PD of the Year & Marconi Award, named One of America’s Best PDs by Radio INK four times, a Consultant of the Year Award from Billboard Magazine while consulting radio stations in Australia, Hong Kong, London, Dublin, Stockholm, Istanbul as well as in the U.S.A.

Graduated from Messick High School in Memphis, Tennessee, home of other celebrity showbiz graduates of the time including Donald "Duck" Dunn, bass player for Booker T and the MGs, and CKLW/WLW Radio funnyman Gary Burbank. While in Armed Forces Radio in Saigon, Vietnam, Tom and future TV personality Pat Sajak where on the same staff in 1969-70.


Born: October 10, 1933, Regina

Died: October 19, 2002, Toronto

Also known as: Birth name was Earl Warren Segal

Stations: CKCK Regina, CKY, CJOB Winnipeg, CFRN Edmonton, CFRB Toronto, CING-FM Burlington, Ontario, CHWO Oakville, Ontario

Notes: His midday program "The House of Warren" was an institution at CFRB for 22 years. Spent 52 years in broadcasting. Died of cancer.


Born: August 21, 1921, Toronto

Died: December 3, 2005, Toronto

Stations: Best known for making CHUM Toronto the first 24-hour Top 40 station in Canada.

Notes: Waters was selling patent medicine in 1954 when his boss offered to sell one of his properties to him. The property he wound up with was CHUM, a low-rated dawn-to-dusk station that didn't seem to have much of a future. Under Waters leadership, CHUM became one of the leading Top 40 stations of all time, and CHUM Limited became one of Canada's leading broadcasting companies.


Died: 1990

Also known as: Wizard, as in Wizard Bobby Wayne; Birth name was Wayne Satterfield.

Stations: WITH Baltimore, WGKV Charleston, West Virginia, WWHY Huntington, West Virginia, WSAI Cincinnati, KDWB Minneapolis, KCBQ San Diego, WUBE Cincinnati, WCBS-FM, WYNY, WHN New York, WSRZ, WAMR Sarasota, Florida


Died: December 31, 1971, Surrey, B.C.

Also known as: Birth name was Harold Douglas Weaver

Stations: CKRD Red Deer, Alberta., CJCA Edmonton, CHLO London, Ontario, CKOC Hamilton, Ontario, CHUM Toronto, CFUN-CKVN, CJOR Vancouver

Notes: One of the many notable afternoon drive men CKOC has had (others include Roger Ashby, Dave Charles, Dave Smith and Jason Farr.) Died of cancer at age 28.


Born: November 24, 1930, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin

Died: March 7, 2020, Evanston, Illinois

Also known as: Mother Weber's Oldest Son

Stations: WAUX Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, WBKV West Bend, Wisconsin, WRIT Milwaukee, WLS, WCFL, WMAQ, WIND, WJJD-AM, WAIT Chicago

Notes: Introduced the Beatles at Comiskey Park in 1965. Program director at WLS. Later in life Hosted daily one-minute commentaries on aging called, A Senior Moment with Clark Weber. Retired in 2015, the same year he was inducted into the Illinois Broadcasters Association Hall of Fame.


Born: April 12, 1935, Dallas

Died: August 5, 1999, Chatsworth, California

Also known as: "The Weedy One"

Stations: KFWB, KLAC, Los Angeles, WQAM Miami, Armed Forces Radio, also worked in Texas and Omaha radio

Notes: Did last music show on KFWB on March 10, 1968. Voted top all-night deejay by Billboard Magazine in 1966. Produced "song films" well before they became known as "music videos". Also produced many television programs, including the Golden Globe Awards. Died of lung cancer.


Died: March 16, 2017, London, Ontario

Stations: CFPL London, Ontario, CHOK AM-FM Sarnia, Ontario, CFOX, CKGM (as Dave Cannon) Montreal

Notes: Most of his 30-year career was spent at CFPL. His brother is CFL Hall of Famer and two-time Montreal Alouettes Grey Cup champ Glen Weir (1974 and 1977). Jim Weir died at the age of 69.


Died: November 22, 1995, Pewee Valley, Kentucky.

Also known as: Birth name was Carl Burton Markert

Stations: WPDF Coryton, Indiana, WINN, WAKY Louisville, WBBF Rochester, New York

Notes: Diagnosed with MS as a young man, but that did not stop from from becoming a great career in broadcasting and law enforcement. Went into law enforcement with the Rochester Police Department after his stay as PD at WBBF. Sometimes played his father's old bugle on the air. Died of complications due to MS.


Died: December 7, 1989

Stations: WEBR, WGR, WKBW-TV, WGR-TV Buffalo, New York, WBTA Batavia, New York

Notes: Did famous Saturday morning "Hi-Teen Show" in the fifties; some say it was a forerunner to American Bandstand. Did "Pick-a-Polka" show on WGR-TV in 1950s. The Niagara Falls, New York, native died at age 68.


Born: December 10, 1922, Victoria, B.C.

Died: December 12, 2003, Niagara Falls, Ontario

Also known as: Birth name was Daryl Wille

Stations: CHML, CHCH-TV Hamilton, Ontario, CFRB Toronto

Notes: Best-known as the "Voice of Racing" at Woodbine and Fort Erie race tracks in southern Ontario from 1956-1986. Worked as a deejay, sportscaster, big-band announcer and host of "Bandstand"-style TV show from Hamilton, Ontario, in late '50s. Was voice of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats (football) and Hamilton Red Wings (hockey). Son Daryl, Jr., followed in his footsteps as a track announcer. Died of heart disease.


Born: May 13, 1911, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

Died: Mar 26, 1999. Winnipeg

Stations: CJAT Trail, B.C., CFRW, CKY, CKRC, CJOB Winnipeg

Notes: Did mornings at CKY. Father of TSN's John Wells. Well-known football and curling announcer. Turned down the play-by-play job on Hockey Night in Canada that eventually went to Danny Gallivan.


Died: May 25, 2003

Stations: CKFH Toronto, CING-FM Burlington, Ontario

Notes: Wells was part of the first year rock lineup of a CKFH, part of an on-air staff that included Tom Fulton, Big G. Walters, Norman B., and Mike Williams, also deceased. Died in boating accident near Honey Harbour, Ontario.


Died: October 28, 2001

Stations: WONN Lakeland, Florida., WLCY, WINQ Tampa Bay, Florida, WYSE-WWAB Lakeland, Florida

Notes: Started in radio at age 14 in Rock City, South Carolina, His great voice enabled him to do much production work on his side with his company Wheeler Productions. Was PD and air personality at both WYSE-WWAB and WONN. Operations director at WLCY. Died in his sleep of a massive heart attack.


Died: March 2007, Dorchester, Ontario

Stations: CFPL AM-FM London, Ontario, CHOK Sarnia, Ontario, CFOX, CKGM (as Dave Cannon) Montreal

Also known as: Dave Cannon at CKGM


Born: March 6, 1945

Stations: WPDF Corydon, Indiana, WAKY Louisville, Kentucky, WBBF Rochester, New York

Also known as: Burt Markert at WPDF, Burt Michaels at WBBF

Notes: Spent five years (1966-71) at WAKY. Not to be confused with Russ "Weird Beard" Knight of KLIF Dallas.


Died: 1974

Stations: KDKA, KDKA-TV, WWSW Pittsburgh

Notes: Originally from Uniontown, Pennsylvania. Williams did weekly countdown show on Monday nights during his 1960-69 stay at KDKA. He did the last-ever all-night music show at KDKA in the summer of 1969. After leaving KDKA, Williams managed an ice cream parlour in the South Hills section of Pittsburgh. Died of a heart attack at the age of 51.


Died: January 10, 2024

Also known as: The Tall One

Stations: CFCR Kitchener, Ontario, WSAI Cincinnati, KDEO San Diego, KROI Sacramento, California, KEWB Oakland, California, CFPL (three times), CJBK, CHLO, CKSL, CKQM London, Ontario

Notes: Got his start at CFCR at age 16. Was program director at KROI. Credited as being one of the first jocks in North America to play the Beatles. In retirement ran an online station named Southernmost Radio. Returned to CFPL in 2021 to host Dick Williams' Solid Gold Rock and Roll until his passing.


Born: October 7, 1949

Died: July 23, 2015, San Diego

Also known as: Birth name was Gregory Van Aust, was also Chuck Williams (at WHNC, WLS and CKLW), Chuck McKay (at CKLW) and Greg Austin (after CKLW)

Stations: KEWI Topeka, Kansas, WNHC New Haven, Connecticut, WLS, WMAQ Chicago, CKLW Windsor, Ontario, (more than once), WMID Atlantic City, New Jersey, KFRC, K-101-FM San Francisco, KOPA Phoenix, KVI Seattle, KWFM Tucson, Arizona, KLLS San Antonio, KSR Bryan College Station, Texas, KOMO, KLSI Kansas City, KFI Los Angeles, KMEN San Bernardino, California

Notes: Earned everlasting Top 40 fame for his on-air meltdown on CKLW in 1975 His complete story can be found at this link:


Died: April 16, 2020

Also known as: Birth name was Thomas DeAngelo

Stations: WTRX Flint, Michigan, WOHO Toledo, Ohio, WYSL-FM Buffalo, New York, WQXL-FM Cleveland, CKLW Windsor, Ontario, WNIC Detroit, Sirius Satellite Radio

Notes: Joined the Big 8 in 1968 and stayed 15 years. Hosted "Pillow Talk" on WNIC. Managed local band Tim Tam and the Turn Ons and supported his son's band "The Phoenix Theory." Died of complications from COVID-19.


Born: 1941

Died: December 30, 1985

Also known as: Mysterious Mike Williams; Birth name was Ken Clarke which he used at CJSB

Stations: CKFH Toronto, CFOX, CKGM, CJAD Montreal, CJED Edmonton, CJSB Ottawa

Notes: Originally from the Vancouver area. His brother is Terry Clarke, jazz drummer with the Jim Hall Trio and Oscar Peterson among others. Williams was killed in an auto accident while driving between Ottawa and Montreal on December 30, 1985.


Born: October 19, 1907

Died: October 27, 1983

Stations: WDIA Memphis

Notes: Williams broke the colour barrier in the south with his "Tan Town Jubilee" program on WDIA from 1948 to 1972. For more on Williams, click here.


Died: October, 1989, Selma, South Carolina

Also known as: Birth name was Malcolm John Wilson, Jr.

Stations: WNEW-AM, WNBC, WHN New York, WKAY, WIOD, WCIX-TV Miami, KYW Cleveland (among others)

Notes: Spent 11 years at WNBC before leaving in 1974. TV voice of the PBS program Star Hustler. Was a movie host at WCIX-TV. Was 6 feet, six inches tall and weighed over 300 pounds. Died on 65th birthday.


Born: July 10, 1924, Hamilton, Ont.

Died: June 27, 1998, New York

Stations: CKFH/CJCL Toronto

Also known as: Birth name was Gerald Allan Wilson

Notes: Chief Engineer throughout CKFH's 30 years of existence and continued in that role when the station became CJCL in 1981. Produced Toronto Maple Leaf and Toronto Blue Jay broadcasts for many years. Had his own company, Wilson Sports Productions. Of trivial importance is the fact that he hired this site's webmaster for his first radio job in 1974. Died of cancer.


Died: January 5, 1997, Toronto

Stations: CHUM, CHUM-FM Toronto

Notes: Was a newsman and DJ at both CHUM and CHUM-FM and also did sports at CHUM. Broke news of John Lennon's death on CHUM-FM. Managed the group Whistle King who later became The Kings. Left radio and moved to Dominican Republic after three decades at CHUM.


Born: April 1, 1911

Died: December 13, 1993

Stations: WJMR, WYLD, WMRY, WWEZ, WJBW New Orleans

Notes: Doctor Daddy O; wrote column under the name Poppa Stoppa and tutored many white deejays who used the Poppa Stoppa nickname. Was fired from WJMR for talking into the mic when a white deejay was a no-show. He then moved to WWEZ, but had to ride a freight train to the studios because of his colour. Billed as "New Orleans First Coloured Disc Jockey". His show - called Jivin' with Jax (it was sponsored by Jax beer) - was the top-rated in New Orleans. Taught art at the Chicago Art Institute prior to moving to New Orleans.


Born: July 29, 1950, Toronto

Died: April 7, 2004, Toronto

Stations: CKFH Toronto

Notes: Was music director at CKFH in the 1970s, overseeing the station's transition from oldies to country in 1975. Owned a personal collection of 100,000 records (he needed two houses to store them all!) Died of ALS.


Died: November 26, 1975, New York

Stations: WCEC, WFMA, WEED Rocky Mountain, North Carolina, WGAI Elizabeth City, North Carolina, WFBS Spring Lake, North Carolina, WHAP Hopewell, Virginia, WLCY, WALT Tampa, Flprida, WQAM Miami, KYW, WKYC Cleveland, WIBG Philadelphia, CKLW Windsor, Ontario, WPOP Hartford, WCAO Baltimore, WBZ Boston, WCBS-FM New York

Notes: Had WPOP's highest-ratings for the morning in the late '60s. CKLW morning man in the early '70s. Died of a heart attack right after finishing his midday show at WCBS-FM. He was 35.


Born: 1932, Tyler, Texas

Died: 1990

Also known as: Big Jim Wood; The Vanilla Gorilla

Stations: KBLA, KGFJ, KRLA, KFFJ, KROQ Los Angeles, XEPRS Playas de Rosanto, Mexico, KILT Houston, WIBG Philadelphia, KONO San Antonio

Notes: Won Billboard's Leading Soul Music Air Personality in 1970, 1971 and 1972. Was dubbed the "Vanilla Gorilla" when he was one of only two white d.j.'s on r&b KGFJ. Worked as a security guard after his radio days. Died of complications from emphysema. He was 58.


Born: May 11, 1927, Georgia

Died: June 18, 2005, Boynton Beach, Florida

Also known as: The Guy with the Goods, The Man with the Goods

Stations: WWRL New York, WHAT, WDAS, WPGR, WPHL-TV, WIBF-TV Philadelphia

Notes: Spent more than 40 years on the air. Hosted TV dance show in the '60s. Made the Philadelphia charts in the 1960's with "Potato Salad", a novelty song about his on-air patter. Gave Jerry Butler his nickname "The Ice Man" (because he was so cool on stage) and in 1964 coined the phrase "blue-eyed soul" in reference to the Righteous Brothers. Program director at WDAS. Inducted into the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia Hall of Fame in 2005. Was a prominent voice in the U.S. civil rights movement. Participated in civil rights marches on Selma, Ala., and Washington, D.C. The City of Philadelphia declared May 14, 1993 "Georgie Woods Day". Died of an apparent heart attack.


Born: December 18, 1928, Birmingham, Alabama

Died: August 8, 2021, Wayne, Pennsylvania

Also known as: Rebel Wright, Uncle Bill

Stations: WSGN, WBRC, WABT-TV, WBRC-TV Birmingham. Alabama, WIBG, WPEN Philadelphia, WIPN, WSUN-TV St. Petersburg, Florida, WMOH Hamilton, Ohio, WIBG, WPEN, WGBS-TV Philadelphia

Notes: First appeared on radio in 1943 singing in a youth chorus at WSGN in his hometown of Birmingham. Started in Philadelphia radio beginning in 1957 at WIBG, where he spent 11 years in morning drive. Operated broadcasting schools in Providence, Rhode Island and Philadelphia in the late '60s and 70s. Reprised his annual WPEN Christmas morning call-in show in 2008 at WBCB Levittown, Pennsylvania in 2008. Needed the use of a cane, crutches and wheelchair after an operation early in life left him with one leg shorter than the other. Named to Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia Hall of Fame in 2005. Died at the age of 92.


Died: June 1, 1997

Also known as: Dandy

Stations: WMJX, WFUN Miami, WRMF West Palm Beach, Florida