Station: CHUM Toronto
Date: June 16, 1968 (first show)
Time: 40:18 (unscoped)
15:21 (scoped)

Anticipation was in the air in June, 1968 when CHUM announced that a new voice would be coming to the station. Just who would it be?

The answer - as revealed shortly after 6 p.m. on Sunday, June 16 - was Jackson Armstrong. And if pure excitement was what you wanted, he didn't disappoint. Nobody screamed louder or longer than "Supermouth." When he arrived at CHUM in June 1968, Armstrong had already started to build his legend at such stations as WMEX Boston, WKYC Cleveland and WAYS Charlotte, North Carolina (as John Larsh). That reputation only grew during his eight-month stay in Toronto.

CHUM was on the brink of switching to a Drake-style format at the time of this aircheck. On it you can hear some of the classic latter-day PAMS jingles, and of course the very hyper Armstrong delivering a masterful performance. We remember hearing Armstrong live on his first CHUM show, and much later obtained an aircheck of it. Now you can enjoy it via the magic of the Internet.
Hear Jack Armstrong's first CHUM show (UNSCOPED) here

Hear Jack Armstrong's first CHUM show (SCOPED) here


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