Edition #1102
Week of July 26, 2020


CHUM Toronto
July 29, 1970
 59:59 (unscoped)
11:20 (scoped)

"Lead, follow or get out of the way."

Some people have character. Others are characters. Tom Rivers was both.

So many stories have been told about Shotgun Tom that it's sometimes difficult to separate fact from fiction. But this story has been told so many times - by so many different people - that it just has to be true. Bob Laine tells us about the great "sticker" episode....

"One of the best Tom Rivers at CHUM stories....one day Tom decided to get even with Vice President of Sales Wes Armstrong, who took care of the CHUM parking lot...and who parked in it. Wes had stickies made up that said "You have parked in a restricted area. Do not park here again." Tom made a habit of parking in "Wes' lot" and continually received stickies on his window...usually on the driver's side and in the line of vision. The stickies were also very, very difficult to get off.  So...Tom got his hands on a bunch of Wes' stickies and told a bunch of us that it was get even time. But..Wes heard too and waited for Tom on the roof of the station, hidden from sight..waiting for Tom to park in the lot

Tom was forewarned before he arrived at work that Wes was on the roof. So, Tom parked in his normal place, phoned the station and asked for Wes, announcing this was a personal, family matter. Wes' secretary ran to the roof to get him and Wes left to get the phone call. As soon as Wes moved, Tom ran into the lot and plastered Wes' car windows with the stickies...and let the air out of Wes' tires and was out of there before Wes got back to his spot on the roof...knowing he had been duped because no one was on the phone when he got to it. Tom got even and this story lives on forever. Tom even related this story at the service for Wes after he passed away."

Enjoy this classic aircheck of Tom Rivers (UNSCOPED) here

Enjoy this classic aircheck of Tom Rivers (SCOPED) here

(The Bill Dulmage Collection)

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