Edition #1254
Week of July 23, 2023


Station: WPIX-FM New York
Date: July 27, 1972
Time: 46:01 (unscoped)
           11:41 (scoped)

A station with many formats and calls, WPIX-FM was making its first plunge into "Adult Top 40" in the summer of 1972.

Founded as WGHF in 1947, the station at 101.9 in New York became WBFM eight years later. In 1964, it became WPIX-FM (The calls came from the New York Daily News, The Picture Newspaper) with an easy-listening format as "The Pix Penthouse." At a time when FM receivers were relatively few, WPIX-FM became New York's 10th most-listened to station in New York behind nine AM stations.

WPIX-FM switched to "Adult Top 40" in 1971, a format that lasted for four years until the station became a disco outlet. After that, there were many formats - including punk-new wave, love songs, Hot AC, adult
contemporary, soft jazz, adult alternative and even a short-lived attempt at all-news. In 2012, the station began simulcasting all-sports
WFAN-AM under the calls WFAN-FM.

Enjoy Bob Dayton on WPIX-FM (UNSCOPED) here.

Enjoy Bob Dayton on WPIX-FM (SCOPED) here.


(The Joe Fazio Collection)


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