Edition #1288
Week of March 24, 2024

Talent: SHANE
Station: WGR Buffalo, N.Y.
Date: March 23, 1982
Time: 44:51 (unscoped)
       15:40 (scoped)

Shane Brother Shane, the Cosmic Cowboy or just plain Ron Gibson. Whatever name you choose, Shane was a great jock in so many ways.

Be it his ability to connect with his audience, his sincerity in promoting his community and its teams, his amazing ability to maintain a high energy level throughout his shows, his obvious love of the music he played, Shane was a true original.

This aircheck captures the man born Ron Gibson at his best. A soft-spoken man in real life, the act that was Shane Brother Shane delighted and entertained audiences for decades, from his beginnings in Los Angeles in 1962, to his golden years in Buffalo in the '70s and '80s to his final stop in Richmond, Virginia, in 1995. Enjoy!
Enjoy Shane on WGR
(UNSCOPED) here.

Enjoy Shane on WGR (SCOPED) here.

(The Art Rockwood Collection)

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